How To Use Single Jack Headset on PC Without Splitter [SIMPLE WAY]

All of us rely heavily on headphones of various types for an uninterrupted audio experience. But every technology has its shares of challenges; like using a single jack headphone without splitters.

If you are stuck in such a situation, don’t worry, we have got you covered!

So, How To Use Single Jack Headset on PC Without Splitter

In order To Use Single Jack Headset on PC Without Splitter:

  • Click on the Start button and open the Settings menu
  • In the Settings window, click on the Sound icon
  • In Sound settings you will see a tab for Recording
  • Under Recording, you will be able to see your headset if it’s connected to the PC
  • Now click on Set as Default and press OK.

splitter without

You can also go through the Properties options when you click on your headset shown there and adjust more settings. Once you make the changes, connect your headset to the Audio slot in the PC and test the audio.

This solution is relevant to older PCs that came with two audio jacks.

How To Use Single Jack Headset on MAC Without Splitter

Here is how To Use Single Jack Headset on MAC Without Splitter:

  • Click on the Apple logo on the top left corner of the screen
  • Open System Preferences and then click on the Sound icon
  • You will now see three tabs – Sound Effects, Output, and Input
  • Click on the Input tab
  • Make sure your headset is connected to the Mac. If it is, it will be listed under the Input list
  • Make this your default audio device and you are all set to use the headset

mac audio setting

Types of Headset jacks

There are many types of headset jacks but they are primarily categorized into two parts – single jack and dual jack headsets.

headphone jacks

Dual Input Headset jacks

These types of headsets were very common a decade ago when most computers had separate input and output slots on them. These were meant for the headphone and the microphone. If you notice carefully, older headsets have one ring on the jack and this means they only had mono audio.

Over the last decade or so, audio technology has advanced tremendously and the two jack headsets have slowly faded away. They are not used except for a few surviving ones.

Single Input Headset jacks

The Single jack headsets are an improved version of the dual jack headsets and are used by everyone all over the world. Even the PCs and Macs have done away with two audio slots except for a few computers that still carry multiple slots. Single jack headsets can be identified with two rings on the jack that signifies that they support stereo audio.

What are the advantages of Single jack headsets?

The main advantage of a single jack headset is that it is more convenient to use. They take less space, have fewer wires, and are very compact as well. Apart from this, here are other benefits of using single jack headsets.


The current market caters mostly to single jack headsets as a majority of devices like computers, mobiles, and tablets contain only one audio slot. Since these are widely available, it is easy to purchase and service them too.


Since most audio devices come with one audio slot, the compatibility of a single jack headset is unquestionable. However, if you are using dual jack headsets, then you will have to invest in a headset splitter or make modifications to system settings to make it work.

What is a headset splitter?

A headset splitter is an audio device that offers two functionalities – they help you connect a single jack headset to computers with two audio jacks and they also help you connect two headphones to one audio jack on a computer. They take the input from a computer and then split the audio into different outlets.

Headset splitters are also commonly used in call centers where multiple agents can listen to one call through one device. This mainly happens during training and audit processes. A headset slitter has a 3.5mm jack on one end and multiple headset slots on the other end.

How to connect dual jack headsets on PC with one jack?

The best way to connect a dual jack headset to a computer with one jack is with the help of an audio splitter also called a y-splitter. This scenario will mostly happen when you are using an older computer or specialized computers that come with two slots for the headset and the microphone.

headset splitter

You will need to purchase a splitter depending on the audio slot on your system. Splitters usually come with 3.5mm jacks but there are ones that also provide a USB-C interface. Purchase the one that is compatible with your system. Connect the splitter jack to your PC or Mac and then connect your dual jack headphones to the two audio slots in the splitter. This solves your problem.

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Change is the only thing that is constant and in the digital world, change moves at a very fast pace. Every couple of months you will see new technology coming in and our existing products often become obsolete in a very short period. Have you noticed that you change your phone more frequently than earlier? This is proof of the advancement of technology.

Through this article, we have addressed the challenge of using a single jack headset on a PC without a splitter. The solution is very simple and you should be now able to use your headsets without any glitches. Apart from that, we have also covered other topics about splitters, different types of headset jacks, and using dual jack headsets on a PC with one jack. Also, before you go, check out our fix for One Earbud Louder Than the Other!