Sleep Headphones – Features You Should Look For

Sleep headphones are essentially just like regular headphones but with the added advantage of a style that lets you wear them during the night without having to unplug them and go through the hassle of dongle-ing your phone. The main difference between these headphones and normal headphones is that they work with batteries that you need to carry around with you in order to charge up your headphones every time you get a good night’s sleep. This can be a hassle for some people, so to help alleviate this problem, many sleep headphones have the option of charging their batteries while you’re not wearing them.

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Noise Cancellation

The other big feature of sleep headphones is noise cancellation. Many people are plagued by the irritating sounds caused by hearing noises when close to other people, such as in a bus or train, or even at a party or park. These annoying sounds can lead to insomnia and a loss of sleep overall if you don’t have the proper sleep environment to combat them. By using noise cancellation technology in your headphones, you can listen to peaceful and soothing sounds of white noise instead, which can help you go to bed at a proper time each night. These soundscapes can also drown out the most annoying sounds of traffic going by or people talking in the background, allowing you to get to sleep with no interruptions.

sleep heaphones
sleep heaphones
ProductSleep Headphones
Bluetooth Headband
Form FactorIn Ear
Control TypeVolume Control

While these features are great features that all sleep headphones should have, it’s important to look at the other features on a pair of headphones before buying one. One of the first things you should look at is how well the ear pads fit your ears. It’s a good idea to test the headphones out with your ears as clean and as empty as possible to make sure that a pair of headphones will fit properly. You should also make sure that the base of the headphones slips easily into your ears. In addition, there should be an indicator inside the headphones so that you know when they are on your ears correctly.


What exactly are the benefits of using sleep headphones? Well, there are many, but we will be talking about a few of the more popular ones here. If you use your MP3 player to listen to music and you like it very much, and you can’t stand waking up every time you hear that annoying sound of your stereo, you will find that using a winnow Bluetooth headband makes it quite unbearable to wake up with a loud sound coming from your iPod. These can be great for people who often travel on planes, who work at night shift, etc.


Another one of the major advantages is the portability. You can bring your sleep headphones around with you all the time, they won’t get damaged or lose their effectiveness. It’s just one more thing that can go wrong while you are travelling. Some of these can also be used while you are sleeping. Some of these also have volume controls, so you can change the sounds to something more relaxing for you to listen to during your rest.

For some people, using these headphones while they are sleeping is a great experience. I’ve often noticed that when I am listening to music through these headphones that I can almost imagine that I am lying on my back in my bed. I actually found myself falling asleep quite a few times while I was listening to music. It doesn’t matter what kind of music you are listening to, you will definitely fall asleep quite a few times while listening to music through these headphones. The only thing you need to make sure of is to turn them off when you are done with the music, otherwise you’ll wake up again with a busy signal in your ear.

Cordless capabilities

Now, let’s take a look at some more of the advantages of using this type of headphones while you are listening to music. One of the most noticeable advantages is the fact that it is cordless. If you have ever stayed in a hotel or slept in a cabin with no other source of noise and then had to put up with a noisy roommate, then you know what I mean. Your sleep headphones will allow you to enjoy your music and not wake up everyone else in your room by accident. This is very important because our bedrooms are generally where we spend the most time.

Since your Bluetooth headphones have cordless capabilities, they are much more convenient to take with you on trips. You never know when you may get lost in a large city and don’t want to take your music with you. If your Bluetooth headphones have rechargeable batteries, then you can stay connected to anyone else around you while you are searching for a safe place to rest. Just make sure that they don’t run out of battery power while you are traveling, or else you may find yourself stranded.

  • Best Sleeping Gift
  • Enjoy Music while in bed
  • Sooth your mood before sleeping
  • Awesome build quality
  • Not good for longer use


All in all, the Bose sleep headphones are great accessories to have, but there are many more options available if you are looking for quality sleep headphones. There are even wireless ones these days, so you don’t have to worry about running out of battery power while you are away from home. It is definitely worth taking the extra few minutes to compare all your options before making your purchase, so you won’t regret your decision at the end of the day.

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