Razer Kraken Cat Ear Headphones Review Gaming Headset

The Razer Cat Ear Headphones or Razer Kraken Kitty gaming headsets are getting a targeted hype from the gamers. Not just the gamers, but other people are going mad over it. What is so special about it?

Is it Worth the Hype?

The Razer Cat Ear Headphones or Razer Kraken Kitty gaming headsets are getting a targeted hype from the gamers. Not just the gamers, but other people are going mad over it. What is so special about it? As incredible as it looks, the performance is worth the hype and the enormous bunch of money? You’ll get a detailed answer to this question in this article.

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Razer is famous for its gaming accessories. It has launched the Razer Kraken Ultimate, wired headphones. Then came the Razer Kraken Kitty Edition. Features are almost the same, the only addition is the glowy kitty ears on the top, in a glossy pink and black color. The headphones have a distinctive design and many swagger features.

What is the Razer Kraken Kitty Edition?

razer kraken kitty ears latest edition

Razer have 4 options in Kraken family of headsets; Kraken X, Kraken TE, Kraken Ultimate and Kraken Kitty Edition. The Razer Kraken Kitty Edition is a high-end gaming headset that provides virtual 7.1 surround sound and crystal clear chat audio, all in a comfortable headband design with stunning true-to-life accurate digital RGB lighting (16.8 million color options). The eyes of the “Kraken” are detailed with cat ears famous among gamer girls, making it an instant favorite for those that can’t resist cute stuff!

Upon testing and using it for 6 months with our 5 teammates we found it as incredible as it looks, the performance is worth the hype and the enormous bunch of money? You’ll get a detailed answer to this question in this article.

Here are some main things we found in our testing;

What We Like in This Headset

  • The Razer Kraken Cat Ear Headphones are a headset that will make you feel like the cat’s meow when it comes to gaming
  • The sound quality is great, and the mic is clear enough for your teammates to hear you without any problems.
  • RGB lighting.
  • The wireless version of these headphones is also available so you can be free from cords while playing games on your computer or console.
  • The price of these headphones may seem high at first glance, but they’re worth every penny if you’re serious about gaming!
  • You won’t find anything better than this set of earmuffs in terms of comfortability and quality – we guarantee it!
  • Cool looking in-game lighting effects experience.

What We Don’t Like in This Product

  • The earpieces are huge. They look nice nevertheless but if you consider wearing them in public you may want to reconsider.
  • Not a con, but the wire is so hard and thick, but on the other hand it is durable.
  • No mute button.

Designed for Comfort and Durability

gamer girl wearing razer kraken cat ear headphones

Cooling Gel Ear Cushions – The soft cushion design allows air to flow through the headset while keeping your ears cool and dry.

Bauxite Aluminum Frame – A lightweight aluminum frame provides a comfortable fit that won’t weigh you down. you play.

The large kitty headphones have two ears popping up on the top, creating cool-looking headphones. It prints the Razer logo on both ear cups that have RGB light around them and glows during the streaming. Headphones dipped in shining pink color, whereas the gray padding on ear cups looks modish. The padding given on-ear cups is exceptionally flabby, to give you all-day comfort in long gaming periods. Further, the cooling gel inside of earpads doesn’t let you feel sweaty if you’re wearing them for a long time. Its long mic is settling on the left ear cup, and it’s retractable.


Sound Quality

razer kraken cat ear gaming headset

The most common problem with the usual gaming headset is you can’t use them for listening to music and watching movies because of their heavy bass system. The sound of movies and music is a dreadful moment to experience with gaming headphones. This won’t happen with Razer Cat Ear Headphones. The balanced sound through THX Spatial 7.1 surround audio makes the gamer think they’re somewhere between going through the real adventure. Talk to the friends in online games through the mic. Your voice will be heard clearly and free of any distortion.

Whether you’re playing the action wild games or small casual games to spend your time on, their true-to-life sound lets you hear the accurate sounds offering lifelike gaming moments. The bass sound with the strong balance helps you in hearing the slow whispers of the enemy, so you can take the right action and win the game. Whether it’s music, movies, or games, the kitty headsets know how to make it memorable for us.

Razer Kraken Kitty Perfect PC Gaming Headset

The Kraken Stereo headset from Razer is a brilliant example of what a PC gaming headset should be. It’s lightweight, has an extremely comfortable fit, and great sound quality, making it arguably the best headset in its price range.

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Additional Features

 Dynamic In-Game Lighting Effects

rezer kraken cat ear headphones with green lights removebg preview

One new feature that is becoming more and more popular is the addition of LED lights. The lights can be programmed to react to game audio or set on a color scheme.

16.8 million colors? One of the largest lighting ecosystems and stunning patterns at your fingertips, or the deepest RGB customizations you’ve ever seen on a gaming device. Dynamic in-game lighting effects and true immersion with Chroma Studio, Visualizer Connect!

The lighting effects on the ear cups are powered by Razer Chroma™ so you can customize it to any color you want from 16.8 million colors or choose from some preloaded lighting effects like rainbow wave, breathing light, and more! You can even sync it up with other Chroma-enabled devices like laptops and keyboards!

The Razer Kraken headset promises to be your best gaming experience with its premium quality features like positional audio, sound isolation, THX Spatial Audio and background noise canceling.

Retractable, High-Quality Microphone

The Razer Kraken Pro V2 is a gaming headset with an active noise-canceling microphone that lets you focus on your game and not the distractions around you. Powered by advanced audio technology, it delivers clear sound for all your gaming needs.

The Razer Kraken Pro V2 features soft leather ear cushions for maximum comfort during extended gameplay sessions. It also comes with a retractable unidirectional mic so you can easily switch between communication and listening modes. The flexible mic arm makes it easy to position the mic exactly where you want it without having to read

Watch below the unboxing and complete detailed video;

Noise Cancellation

The retractable mic does two functions. First, it transfers your voice to the audience, ensuring that it will be free from any contortion. And the second job is to act as a noise cancellation system. It’s tuned up to block out unnecessary external noises, to help you be focused on your challenging games. If you don’t need to speak through the mic, then push the mic back to mute it, and it still cancels the noise without being affected. Check here a complete list of Best Noise Canceling Headphones.

Coseplay Mode

For those who want to show off their fandom in full swing while they game, we’ve got you covered. Simply press the cosplay mode button on your earcup and activate one of four preset sound profiles: Bass


Razer Cat Ear Headphones are not wireless, they need a USB cord to connect with the computer and laptops. The specific USB port comes with the headsets, so you can connect the headsets to your PC and enjoy the games in an instant. One benefit you’ll get with these wireless headphones is you won’t have to wait for the long connection process.

Customizable 50mm Drivers

With these fifty millimeter drivers, you’ll be able to listen to your game’s audio as it was meant to sound with crisp highs and deep lows all at once!  

Best Game Immersive Wired Headphones

razer kraken black edition review removebg preview

The Razer Kraken Kitty USB gaming headset is a high-quality, immersive gaming headphone equipped with retractable microphone technology for crisper in-game communication and tournament-grade noise isolation to prevent ambient noise interference. No need to worry about battery life or charging—the Razer Kraken comes with a 3m braided cable so you can focus on crushing your competition without any distractions. Razer Kraken Cat Ear Headphones come with a braided cable that is both tangles resistant and stylish, so you don’t need to worry about the Razer Razer Kraken Cat Ear Headphones tangling in your pocket or being too tangled up while traveling!

Removable Kitty Ears – Cat Ear Headphones Accessories

Nice looking and stylish Kitty Ears for Razer Kraken headsets are also available separately in 3 stylish colors, black, Neon Purple, and green.

Volume Control Ability

One of the drawbacks of this premium gaming headset is that there is no mute built in this headset. Use the volume up or down button or you have to switch to your pc to adjust the volume or mute the headphone.

Onboard Volume and  Controls

You can easily adjust the volume of your headset by using the control wheel on its left ear cup, mute your mic if needed, skip tracks back and forth without taking a break from gaming thanks to its inbuilt controls that are neatly tucked away for easy access when you need them most. 

Razer’s new Kraken 7. 1 channel gaming headset features an expertly tuned surround sound engine and crystal-clear communication for perfectly balanced audio.

Final Verdict

The Razer Kraken Kitty Headsets perform exactly the brand claims. Kitty ears and the lighting on the ear cups glows in streaming, show the alerts, and reacts to the game’s emotions. The metal headband is the sturdy one. If you accidentally slip them, it won’t affect the headsets at all. Padded soft cushions with big ear cups lift your focus on sound and cancel out all the disturbing elements.

It places the volume controls on the ear cups, controls are simply few as with wired headphones you won’t need more. The retractable microphone is the chief selling point that makes it easy for you to connect with people. Controllable light, comfortable padding, and big gaming headphones meet all the unsurpassable performance. Expensive prices might be a downturn for you.

Watch our video review in detail.

Advanced Features include;

  • Steam Responsive Lighting
  • Higher Audio Preoccupancy
  • Easy Accessible Audio Controls
  • Leading Comfortable Headphones
  • Considerable For Music And Movies Also
  • Provides Undisturbed Sound
  • stream-responsive RGB lighting
  • lighting control
  • audio immersion
  • stream production
  • Accurate sound
  • Active Noise-canceling Microphone
  • USB cable
  • Hard-wired Cable


Are the Razer Kraken Kitty Good?

Razer Kraken Kitty headphones are a great addition to your entertainment gadgets. These gaming headphones come with very comfortable ear cushions and the sound quality is just amazing. The real value for your cash.

Is Razer Kraken Noise Cancelling

Yes, Razer Kraken cat ear headphones have noise-canceling features to ensure your comfort and extensive music experience.

How long do Razer headphones last

Razer Kraken cat ear headphones are heavy-duty headphones. Made of good quality material enables it lasts longer than the other headphones of its kind. If handled with care these headphones can last over 5 years.

Which Kitty Kraken is right for you?

Answer: I’m going to have to go with Razer’s Kitty Quartz. As an avid gamer, this is top of the line. It still has all of the great features and abilities that a kitty would need to survive outside or anywhere for that matter (stopping power, water-resistant, durable construction), but it also includes world-class technology in its design so you can game at your fingertips. Read here a complete guide of cat ear headphones.

What is your favorite electronic device for listening to music and games?

When it comes to listening to music and games, there is nothing better than the Razer Kraken Cat Ear Headphones! The Razer cat ear headphones are a must-have for any gamer who wants high-quality sound that doesn’t leave their ears hurting after hours of use. Not only do they provide excellent quality but these wireless headsets are also extremely comfortable and easy to set up. You’ll have an enjoyable experience every time you game with them which will transform into even more playtime too!

How do I control the lighting for my Kraken Kitty?

How do I make the Kraken Kitty react to my stream? – The Kraken Kitty is an audio-reactive LED cat toy, which means the lights adjust to matched the sounds from an external sound source. A free app, Streamer Companion 1.0, controls its color-changing LEDs and ‘lights up when you press a button on the device to change songs or introduce other sound effects for added fun!

What is the Kraken Kitty Compatible With?

Does Kraken headset work on PS4? Yes, Kraken will be compatible with full-sized USB connector consoles, including the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and personal computers.

Do Razer kitty ears fit other Razer headsets?

Yes, the Razer kitty ears will work with all other Razer Kraken kitty edition headsets. However, there is one exception it won’t work with the Kraken headset. The Kraken headset has more of an oval shape rather than a circular one so that means that it won’t be possible to use the fluffy fur furry cat-shaped ear covers on them.

Does the Kraken BT Have a MIC?

The Kraken BT is designed with high-resolution audio in mind and a powerful built-in mic. With its custom-tuned 40mm drivers and beamforming microphone, the audio capabilities of the Kraken BT are unmatched for that competitive edge. 

razer kraken kitty review with pros and cons

Do Razer Kitty Ears Light Up?

Does Razer Kraken light up? Well, the Razer kitty ear lights do light up. First, you have to enable Chroma lighting on your computer and then you can customize the colors. This will allow you to change the colors after purchasing other accessories as well.

How do you use the Kraken Kitty headset

You just need to connect your headset via USB to your gaming console or PC and it will be ready in no time for some colorful lights.
For gaming consoles, plugging a USB headset directly into the controller even bypasses the TV audio which gives you an even more immersive experience. And with 30ft of range from Bluetooth connection, plus EQ settings that can be customized per ear cup.

What Headphones Does PewDiePie Use?

PewDiePie uses gaming headphones from Razer: The Razer Kraken Kitty USB gaming headset. The Kraken models feature a rotating earcup for one-ear monitoring, and an in-line microphone for communicating during gameplay- all while providing the sound performance that’s expected in a gaming headset. Here is what HGTV has to say about these headphones: “Even with so many great new competitors in the market, this pair earns its spot at number one thanks to their signature glossy black finish.” It’s wireless too so my friends won’t have to hear my music when I try out some new tunes! They even come with a retractable metal docking station which can be stowed away in your laptop bag or backpack.

What games do you like?

My personal favorites are Hitman 3, Star Citizen, and No man’s sky. They are very immersive and yet challenging to play. In addition, life is not too hard without these games- so I would say they are good for a quick break from the stress that doesn’t lead you back to the first bullet point.

I hope this helps with your decision.