PeohZarr Cat Ear Gaming Headset for Gamer Girls

PeohZarr Cat Ear Gaming Headphones Review

PeohZarr Cat Ear Gaming Headset for all Gamer Girls, this pink headset provides a great immersive sound and noise-canceling mic with its ergonomic design to make it more comfortable while you play your favorite games. This one-of-a-kind gaming headset is compatible with most devices so that you can enjoy whatever game you are playing without having to swap headphones every now. Another bonus is the on-cable volume control, which lets you adjust volume levels in just seconds instead of going through setting options on your phone or PC. Following are more in-depth details of this headset.

PeohZarr Pink Gaming Headset is all about transforming your gaming with its beautiful sound quality and cool colors. It also comes with an incredibly compact design that can be easily carried around. With its sheer functions and features, it may just change the way you perceive gaming and make you addicted to it.

peohzarr cat ear gaming headphones review

Here we will discuss detailed features and advantageous uses of this product that will help you when you are going to use it. First, let’s walk through a detailed description of these cat ear headphones.

Product info:

peohzarr pink cat ear gaming headphones review
Connectivity:Wired, USB
Weight:12.8 ounces
Headset jack:3.5mm
Headset cable Length:2.2 m

Key Features:

  • Cat ears are detachable.
  • Excellent voice quality enhanced with noise-canceling technology.
  • It has a durable braided cord with a copper core.
  • A breathable air pad cushioned with memory protein makes it comfortable.
  • Decorated with LED lights.
  • Suitable for both adults and kids.
  • The headband is adjustable and comfortable.

Elaborated Description:

 PeohZarr is well known for its stunning looks. Like other top-quality headphones, it comes with the latest features and desigen. The combination of the sleek, stylish peep & cat’s ears lend it an elite, expensive look. And that’s not the end of it. The headphone also delivers 7.1 clear surround sound that gives you a truly immersive gaming experience. Read this detailed guide about cat ear headphones.

Light Weight Professional Cat Ear Gaming Headphones

The lightweight construction of PeohZarr is excellent for your ear. Unlike other gaming headsets, the lightweight of PeohZarr’s pink gaming headset makes it perfect for extended hours of gameplay. In addition, it lets you move around while you are engaging in your favorite activity. This feature is what makes it so popular among girls because most girls are multi-tasking in their work.

Cat Ear Headphones with Adjustable Headband

peohzarr green cat ear gaming headphones review

PeohZarr headset is adjustable and flexible, so both kids and adults can use it. If you were worried about the headband not being supportive enough, you could forget about that because the headband itself is very sturdy.

 The headband is comfortable around the head so that you can wear it for hours without any pressure. Its earmuffs are cushioned with memory proteins that prevent ears from getting any strain. While playing games, the soft air pad in the headset keeps the sound quality at its apex by covering the ears entirely and cancel the noise passively. The earpads are made of soft and flexible materials, so they do not block your ears’ standard breathing patterns.

Cat Ear Headphones with Premium Quality Mic

It features a built-in microphone to get rid of that headset sound when you are in a meeting or engaged in a phone conversation. This built-in microphone is furnished with noise-canceling technology so that it can pick your voice clearly while talking with your teammates and enhances the conversation. The built-in microphone allows for a hands-free gaming experience as well. The lightweight materials also help this headphone deliver a clear and crisp sound.

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Cat Ear Gaming Headphones with Surround Sound Canceling

Surround sound-canceling technology ensures high-quality sound, either you are attending online meetings or playing games. In addition, it keeps all the annoying and unwanted voices away keeps you away from any distractions during your online games. 

Stylish Cute Design for Gamer Girls

best cat ear headphones for gamer girls

As mentioned earlier, one of the main features of PeohZarr is its fabulous looks. Its detachable cat ears make it more adorable and perfectly accretive for girls and kids. These days girls and kids prefer cute and good-looking headsets because they want to look cool while wearing headphones. But if someone wants a mature look, she can remove the cat ear and enjoy the headphones.

Gaming Headphones with Removable Cat Ears

Cat ear and pink color with beautiful led lights give them a premium look. LEDs lighten up according to the rhythm of gaming sound and creates an excellent environment for players. This fantastic headset with all the decoration can make your kid happy and excited. We cannot forget to mention the superb sound quality that this pink gaming headset has. It has a deep and rich bass that lets you feel like you’re inside the game. Another great thing about the sound quality is that it allows you to know that no other items are present aside from your game playing. 

Perfect Pink Gaming Headphones with Additional Features

gaming headphonew with surround sound and noise cancelling

Other than these few things, this PeohZarr pink gaming headset has some additional features worth remembering. Like most gaming headsets, it has an advanced multi-game controller feature that allows you to connect up to five different gaming devices. These gaming devices can be Xbox One, Play Station 4, Wii, Nintendo Wii Fit, and many more. You never have to worry about dropping that controller with all these connections because you have five of them. And with its surround sound capabilities, you will get all the intense and rich gaming sound you want.

  • lightweight and comfortable headset.
  • Soft and breathable earmuffs.
  • Durable and reliable headphones.
  • It has the latest design decorated with detachable cat ears and LEDs.
  • Built-in microphone with noise-canceling technology.
  • For few people, its long cord may create some hassle.


PeohZarr Pink headphone is one of the premium top-ranking cat ear headphones that can be the best choice as a gift to make your loved one happy. It can be used by your kid or you yourself due to an adjustable headset. So anybody who wants a long-lasting, durable, and good-looking headset can go for this product without any worries. Just go through its details, compare it with your preferences, open an online store, and buy it without any concerns.


What are the best Cat Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones?

If you’re looking for the best noise-canceling headphones then we recommend the HECATE G2 II by Edifier Pink Cat Ear Headphones. They are rated 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon and come with THX Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound technologies that help block out ambient noise. They also have a deep, warm bass sound quality designed to immerse you in great-sounding music, movies, or games.

Can these be used while you are playing an online game with your teammates?

Yes, these will offer excellent sound quality when you are playing with your teammates.

Can its cord limit your freedom of movement?

These are wired, but their long chord can allow you to move freely.

Are the ear pads breathable?

Yeah, earpads are soft and breathable to the ears.

Do these have noise-canceling technology?

Yeah, these headphones do have the latest noise-canceling technology that will prevent all distracting noises from your ears.

How To Fix the broken Cat Ear Headphones?

How did your Cat Ear Headphones break? There are a lot of things that can go wrong with Cat Ear Headphones. Usually, the cable stops working, and then the product breaks. If you’re having this problem, then you need to stop using your headphones and try to fix it.  The best thing is to replace the cable and if still if it’s not working go for any circuit assembling. The broken cat ear headphones can be fixed by simply using some sort of good glue. but in most cases, a good headphone is made of flexible and unbreakable material.

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