ONIKUMA Pink Gaming Headset with Removable Cat Ears

ONIKUMA Professional Gaming Headphones Review

The latest addition to the professional gaming headphone genre is the ONIKUMA Pink headset. With this over your ears, you can experience the fantastic sound quality of online games. Only features don’t help it occupy the best ranking among the gaming headphones, but its looks are also very charming and attractive.

If you are fond of online games and want to enjoy the game’s most delicate sounds, you should go for the ONIKUMA headset. Its cute cat ears will give you a look like an adorable cat that can play games actively. Below we will share all the information about these headphones. Details provided in this writing will help you to know more about these gaming headphones before spending money. Lear all about Cat Ear Headphones in this post.

Product info:

onikuma pink gaming headset with removable cat ears
Manufacturer: ONIKUMA
Connectivity: Wired
Weight: 12.7 ounces
Headset jack: 3.5mm
Color: Pink
Headset cable Length: 2.2 m
LED light: RGB

Key Features:

  • Detachable cat eras are decorated on the headband.
  • This headphone has a retractable microphone.
  • Speaker has a powerful driver of 50 mm
  • Earpads are cushioned with 100% memory foam
  • RGB red light makes it more attractive.
  • The durable and tangle-free cord also has a volume control box attached to it.
  • It is recommended for online gamers.

Detailed description:

ONIKUMA headphone with its unique and elegant design and the color is popular among all the girl-gamers. We know that girls are more sensitive to the latest designs and trends, so this headphone is specifically designed according to the latest trends. It is primarily for people who travel a lot, those who enjoy long hours of gaming, and those who love listening to music and watching movies while being in the midst of all their activities. There are several features of the Pink model that sets it apart from other competing brands. In this review, we will find out more about the features of the ONIKUMA and see if it can live up to the expectations of pro gamers around the world.

A Perfect Gaming Headset with Cat Ears

onikuma professional gaming cat ear headphones for gamer girls

If you are looking for a professional gaming headset, the first thing that you should consider is what kind of features does it have? Of course, the essential feature of any gaming headset is its features since these will determine how good it is. The same can be said about the ONIKUMA Pink. This head-phone features 7.1 surround sound quality, an extensive display that measures just 18.5 inches diagonally, a lightweight design that weighs almost 12.7 ounces, as well as a one-cup design that keeps the head-phones stable no matter how you move.

A dream gadget for any gamer girl, the ONIKUMA Pink gaming headphone has an array of features and good looks. It has been built with the high-quality materials that one would expect from a gaming headphone. As a result, it is lightweight, comfortable to wear, and has excellent sound quality. In addition, the ear cups are covered with comfy 100 % memory protein foam to make them cozier. The padding on the earbuds also makes them easy to slip in and out of your ears.

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Multi-Color LED Lights

Both earpads shine out with multi-color LED lights. Eye-catching pink color with bright color lights makes it more attractive to headphone lovers. If you don’t want lights on the headphone, then you have an option to switch them off.

onikuma gaming headset for gamer girls


Cat ears on the headband are removable; who doesn’t want o have a cat look can remove it from the band. It depends on your choice whether you want light and cat ears or not.

Cat Ear Gaming Headphones with Microphone

The microphone is retractable and has noise-canceling technology. Noise cancellation prevents all the annoying noises from disturbing your game or meeting. Over-ear soft pads help in the reduction of noise passively and keep the ear pressure-free. If you don’t want to have any calls during the game, you can switch off the mic. ONIKUMA  Gaming Headset is compatible with  Xbox One (Adapter Not Included), PS 4, PS5 PC, Nintendo Switch, Mac, and Laptop. It is perfect for all the famous online and video games. You can hear crisp and clear sounds with these headphones and keep concentration on the online game.

  • Its cost is reasonable and affordable.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • It offers excellent sound quality.
  • Its earmuffs are soft and cofertable
  • You can remove cat ears easily if you don’t these on the headband.
  • Cat ears and LED lights make it eye-catching.
  • It is tight for some heads and can be uncomfortable after wearing it for a while.
  • Its mic may not perform efficiently.

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Experts would definitely recommend the ONIKUMA pink headband for anyone looking for good sound quality and comfort. You do have to make sure that you purchase a good pair of earphones because even if you get a cheap pair, they will break easily. My favorite feature of all the ONIKUMA headbands is that they do not cause any noise during gameplay. This makes them ideal for video gaming. Additionally, the price is excellent; it is hard to find a competitor with a low price. All the aspects of this headphone are very favorable for online gamers, so don’t hesitate to add it to your shopping cart.


Do these headphones need to be charged?

No, because these are not wireless. These are connected with a USB port and 3.5mm Jack.

Can the mic be controlled on the headphones?

Yes, the microphone can be switched off by you if you don’t want to attend any class during playing games.

Are these headphones compatible with phones?

Yes, you can also use it with your phone.

How can you control the lights on the headset?

There is a switch on the headset that can turn off and on the lights.

Does it have a noise cancellation system?

Yeah, it has a noise cancellation system that keeps all the disturbing noises away while playing online games.

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