Mindkoo Wireless Bluetooth Cat Ear Headphones Review

In this Mindkoo Bluetooth headset review, we will talk about everything that you should know about this revolutionary product. So, without further ado, let us hop into the main review section and discover what these innovative headphones have to offer. You would not be very surprised if you had heard of Mindkoo Wireless earphones before. They are the latest products from the company known as Mindkoo.

What makes these headphones different from most of the other competing brands is the fact that they have built-in memory. This is a built-in system where all the operations of your sets are stored in the device itself. No need to worry if you lose one track or even an entire session because the headphones can easily record it again. The built-in memory also allows the user to save all the sessions that you were listening to. This is very convenient especially if you are always traveling and want to recall the tracks that you had just listened to.

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To date, Mindkoo has already produced two different types of Bluetooth wireless cat ear headphones. The first one is the Mover clip which is perfect for those who are constantly traveling. You can keep this in your pocket or on your belt. You can also use this one whenever you want to transfer from one place to another. You can easily place this over your hearing device and just tap on the receiver when you need to hear the next step.

ProductMindKoo Bluetooth Headphones
BrandBrand: Mindkoo
LED LightsYes
For Kids/ Woman/GirlsKids, Adults
Over Ear,Over Ear
ColorBlack, Pink, White, Color LED

An In-Depth Look At Mindkoo Headphones Pros And Cons

This MindKoo Bluetooth Headphones review aims to help you become more aware of what this band has to offer. MindKoo is a company that started out as a company that wanted to provide its users with the best way to relax and connect through wireless headphones. The company is constantly improving its line of headphones by bringing out new designs every month. The headphones are specially designed to work with any type of Windows Vista or Apple iPhone.

Noise Cancellation

To start off the MindKoo headphones pros and cons, the Midkoo Bluetooth Headphones pro comes with three noise cancellation technologies. These technologies help to make sure that outside noises do not interfere with your music. In addition, the Wow Wee earphones are extremely lightweight. Therefore, you won’t feel like you are carrying a heavy machine around. Each pair of these headphones comes with its own remote control, which makes it very easy to control your music. Most of the time, you will be using this remote to change tracks.

Wireless connectivity

When you use the Midkoo wireless cat ear headphones, you won’t have to worry about disturbing people around you because this is an acoustic headphone. It works well when used in a quiet place, and you won’t need to stand still to listen to your music. However, if you are going somewhere that has a lot of background noise, you will want to turn the volume down on the Wow Wee Bluetooth Headphones. The headphones work really well in a crowded area, and you won’t be able to hear quite as well without one of the many noise cancelling technology in the Wow Wee headphones.

  • Extremely Light Weight
  • Earpads are so soft and comfortable
  • Compatible with most of the devices
  • None at the moment

Read the mindkoo cat ear headphones manual for more technical and informational support.

MindKoo Bluetooth Headphones Feature in Depth

8. Mindkoo Bluetooth Cat Ear Wireless Headphones

One of the biggest benefits of foldable cat ear headphones is that they are extremely comfortable. They do not fold up, which means that they are far easier to take care of than traditional headphones that sit on your head. You will find that they are lightweight and also very easy to transport. You do not need any special transport since they are lightweight and small enough that you can easily toss them in your pocket or backpack.


The two main materials used to make this style of headphones are plastic and silicone. Both of these materials are very durable. They also provide great sound quality. They are not, however, waterproof and will require some sort of external microphone in order to work properly. This microphone is usually located behind the left ear.

LED Lights

Foldable cat headphones do not use traditional led lights that you find on other headphones. Traditional ones have small lights at the end of each pair of headphones that can be controlled by pressing a series of buttons. Foldable ones do not have any of these things and because of this are much more difficult to find when you need them. This means that they are far less common and therefore cost much less.

One of the reasons why Foldable cat headphones are popular is because they use what is called an infrared heat sensitive LED light. The LED lights are located behind the left ear headphone jack. The lights detect heat, which causes them to turn on and off very quickly. By quickly turning on the lights, it causes the electronics in the headphone to shut down and not work properly.

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When the Mindkoo cat ear headphones are not in use, the LED lights will remain on until you remove the headphones or plug the audio cord in. Once the lights go off, the electronics in the headphones will shut down. The LED lights used here will stay on until the audio cord is unplugged from the headset or until the batteries in the headset are drained. When the lights go off, the lights will turn back on again. After a few hours of use, the lights will start to turn off and remain off unless the user manually turns them back on again.


mindkoo multicolor headphones

Mindkoo cat ear headphones are available in a wide range of colors. There are also a number of different types of materials used to make them. Some of the most commonly available ones are plastic, cloth, leather, and hot pink. Each of these materials has its own advantages and disadvantages. The Mindkoo foldable cat ears headphones with the hot pink color are made of a fabric that tends to absorb sound and transmit it at a lower volume than the other two colors.


Mindkoo cat ear earphones that are Bluetooth can be used in the car as well as in the home. Bluetooth is a relatively new technology that allows devices such as Foldable earphones to work well without any interference from electronics in the vehicle. Foldable ear headphones are designed to work well with Bluetooth devices because the wires that run from the devices to the headphones can hang down and away from the ears. The Bluetooth device does not pick up noise and the sound quality is not affected in any way. The only disadvantage of Foldable ear headphones is their cost. The cost of one of these headphones can easily exceed the price of around-the-clock long-distance calls.

Best Audio Quality

As for the audio quality, we can say that the headphones from Mindkoo really deliver. The earbuds are made up of extremely fine ceramic materials which are highly flexible so they can mold them to your head for optimum fit. The earbuds are lightweight and are designed to fit perfectly on your ears thus; eliminating any discomfort. They are also equipped with a built-in mic that permits you to take calls via your mobile phone without having the need for external speakers.

Batter Life

minkoo wireless headphones battery life

One major plus of Mindkoo wireless cat ear headphones is that they do not consume much battery power. This is why users do not have to worry about their mobile phones as well as chargers while using these headphones. The headphones from Mindkoo can also work as long as you want regardless of whether you are indoors or outdoors. It can easily work for hours without stopping.

The Company

This MindKoo Bluetooth Headphones review aims to help you become more aware of what this band has to offer. MindKoo is a company that started out as a company that wanted to provide its users with the best way to relax and connect through wireless headphones. The company is constantly improving its line of headphones by bringing out new designs every month. The headphones are specially designed to work with any type of Windows Vista or Apple iPhone.

Comfort and Entertainment at its best

There are a few ways how MindKoo headphones can help you enjoy your favorite music. When you buy the headphones, they come in three different sizes so you can get the most comfort while listening to your favorite music. They also have specially designed cushions for your ears to keep the sounds from disturbing your eardrums. When you first receive your headphones, the Wow Wee Bluetooth Headphones pro and cons review will let you know how the headphones work with your windows mobile phone and your iPod touch. When you use headphones, it is important to remember that your brain is connected to your ears.

Final Verdict

The headphones from Mindkoo have received several good reviews from satisfied customers. Aside from its wireless feature, the built-in microphone, in addition to its overall excellent sound quality, is what makes these wireless earbuds so popular among consumers. If you want to experience a better listening experience, then you should definitely consider purchasing these headphones.

The final decision that you will have to make is whether or not you plan on charging your headphones or if you plan on connecting them to your computer. If you plan on charging your headphones, then your decision will focus on either battery life or charging options. A few other headphones’ pros and cons that you will need to decide upon include whether you plan on recording audio with your headphones, the quality of the speakers that come with the headphones, and whether or not you plan on using the headphones while traveling. All things considered, these headphones are among the best available in the market today.