LED Cat Ear Headphones 2021 Reviews and Buying Guide

Headphones are great for having some out-of-the-box music and gaming experience where you can feel in another world and no one around you is disturbed at all. 

But do you know what is even better? Listen to your favorite tunes on a headphone with your favorite theme and LED’s featuring your favorite color; wow! 

Cat Ear Headphones are nothing new and they took the market like a storm right after their launch and today, every headphone manufacturer is up for creating the best compatible Cat Ear Headphones that not only look good but also perform well and feature the latest technology as well. 

Do you know these headphones are also called or known as “Neko Headphones” as Neko means Cat in Japanese? People also call these beautiful-looking headphones as Kitty Ear Headphones as they can steal your heart at first glance. 

Are you longing to get the best version of Kitty headphones?

Problem solved, we’ve done the work for you. Get through the article to find the best LED Cat Ear Headphones and decide confidently as they are counter-checked and cross-investigated by the user reviews. 

You can find your sweet spot in all of them but the leading best here is MindKoo Bluetooth that not only slays the style but also wins at performing the best in all regards. The LED colors are bright, vivid, and long-lasting. The perky ears are sturdy-made, colors are eye-catching, and voice quality is too good to handle. Undoubtedly, the best headphone for the money! 

LED Cat Ear Headphones

See the comparison table below to evaluate all the products in one glance so you can compare the features and can decide what you exactly want.

LED cat ear headphones FeaturePrice
Top Pick
MindKoo Bluetooth Headphones
LED Light Up
Check price
Na1 Wireless Kids HeadphonesBluetooth & wireless
LED Lights
Check price
FosPower Kids HeadphonesLED Light Up
Laced Tangle Free Cable
Check price
TCJJKids HeadphonesWireless & LED Light Up
Bluetooth & Microphone
Check price
RiwboxCT-7Bluetooth HeadphonesLED Light Up & Wireless
Volume Control
Check price
Dogxiong4In1 kids’ headphonesWireless & LED
Stereo Headphone
With FM Radio
Check price
Esonstyle Kids HeadphonesLED Glowing, Wired
safe for kids
Check price
BarsoneCat Ear HeadphonesWired & Foldable
LED Glowing Light
Check price
LuckyuWireless Cat Ear HeadphonesWireless & Bluetooth
7 Colors availability
& Stereo
Check price

Here is a detailed and honest review of the 9 best-rated LED cat ear headphones;

MindKoo Bluetooth Headphones

8. Mindkoo Bluetooth Cat Ear Wireless Headphones

MindKoo Bluetooth Headphone is an In-ear headphone so that it can give you more comfort and better sound performance.

It comes in three colors that are black, pink and white. It also has a variant in black color that gives you glowing LED lights in seven colors.

The LED gives you adjustable settings like only cat ears, ears, and ear cups, blinking, all-on, or only cups.

You can adjust and change according to your mood. It has a large battery of 900 mAH that can provide you with 70 hours of performance.

  • Adjustable glow lights
  • 7 LED colors
  • Large battery
  • A little expensive than simple headsets

It has wired and wireless connectivity with a weight of 14.1 ounces and dimensions 8.4 x 7.2 x 3.4 inches. It is an all-rounder headphone so everyone including children and adults can use it for a better experience of listening.

Na1 Wireless Kids Headphones

purple cat ear headphone with mic

Na1 Wireless Kids Headphones are over-sized headphones to give you a heavy-duty feel and experience. Sometimes, the bigger the better, and over-size items are perfect for those who love to rock baggie and oversized look.

It is available in three colors including white, purple, and light blue. It gives you a cute and fun look with an amazing design and feasible color choices so you can wear it with your 

The headphones feature amazing wireless connectivity so you do not have to wait for anything to use them. This woreless connerivity make it super feasible for on road and outdoor fun too.

The large padded ear pads give you a very soft and comfortable involvement. The battery of headphones has a capacity of 400 mAH and can run for 7 hours straight. That means, it’s a nice choice for party night and road trips. 

  • Over-sized design
  • Brilliant design
  • No LED glow lights in cat ears

It will prove to be a good choice as it has all the necessary sound features with an adjustable headband so you can change its size to get comfortable for your head. You can also use it with a TF card and FM radio in a normal price range.

FosPower Kids Headphones

2. Fospower Kids Headphones With Led Light – Teallight Purple

FosPower Kids Headphones has two color variants including teal and hot pink. It is an over-sized headphone to give you a heavy-duty experience.

The dimensions of the headphones are 53 x 5.3 x 2.41 inches and come with a weight of 7 ounces which is very light so your head can be in an easy and comfortable position.

The lightweight design also make it easily portable as it won’t burden your shoulder bag or even your neck.

The soft pad design of earpads lets you a very comfortable and relaxed experience when wearing them for a long time.

It also comes with a kid-safe volume feature to control the volume when your kid is using it so you do not have to worry about high volume damaging your kid’s ear.

It will prove to be a good choice for your kids as it comes with high durability and flexibility so that is not damaged by rough use and can have a long life.

  • Remarkable design
  • Comfortable
  • No USB ports

Further, it also features a cable or cord with self-adjusting properties and an extra strength to prevent tangling.

TCJJ Kids Headphones

tcjj cat ear headphones

TCJJ Kids Headphone is compatible with all iOS devices, Android devices, laptops, tablets, and computers so you do not have to worry about working conveniences while purchasing.

The design of the headphone is very brilliant. It has cat paws shape on earcups to give you a complete cat look.

It’s available in the pefect girly pink color with a combination of white color to give you a cute yet sober Cat Look.

The headphone has wired connectivity as well as wireless connectivity with Bluetooth. It can provide you 10 hours of running with a full charge of 2 to 2.5 hours. That means you can travel without worrying about battery life.  

It has a foldable structure with an adjustable headband and thus makes portability and storage quite convenient. 

It can provide you with excellent sound quality at full comfort; thanks to its soft and padded earpads.

Further, it also features multi-color LED glowing lights in cat ears and earcups. Trust the words, it’s a design for everyone from all ages and all interest, either kids or adults.

  • 10 hours of battery
  • Multi-color LED
  • No snug pad

This TCJJ is on-of-a-kind experience for everyone.

Riwbox CT-7 Bluetooth Headphones

1 Riwbox Ct 7s Cat Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones For Kids Purplegreen

Riwbox CT-7 is a Bluetooth Headphone for wireless connectivity. It also has wired connectivity. You can get this amazing design in two subtle color combinations including pink-white and pink-green.

The headphone has an over-ear technology that adds to its convenient and ease of use. .

The glowing LED lights of headphone in cat’s ear comes with RGB lights that have different settings so it can glow according to the rhythm with a combination of sound.

These lighting adjustments make it a perfect gift for your kid because of its cool ambiance and kind of woofered lights that can spice up the mood.

The headband of the headphone is adjustable to set it accordingly with a foldable design for easy portability.

  • RGB color lights
  • Bluetooth
  • No lights in earcups

The padded cushions of earpads give you full comfort and coziness so you can enjoy your headphones easily.

Dogxiong 4In1 kids headphones

purple cat ear headphone with mic

Dogxiong 4In1 kids’ headphones have different connectivity options like wired connectivity and wireless connectivity with Bluetooth, FM radio, and TF card.

It is mostly used by gamers and is compatible with all gaming systems such as X-Box, PS3, PS4, PS5, Wii, and smart devices.

The headphones give you a perfect sound experience with over-ear technology and 50 mm large drivers to enhance the sound effects.

Don’t worry about your high school fun or road trips as this headphone can give you  non-stop 13 hours of running time in one complete charge.

It comes in three colors that are purple, pink, and blue so you can choose the one that best appeals to you.

It is made of stainless steel to provide you with extra durability and strength so it can work for a longer time.

  • Compatible with all
  • Large drivers
  • No volume-control

The adjustable headband and padded ear cups give you a soft and comfortable experience.

Esonstyle Kids Headphones

7. Esonstyle Safe Wired Kids Headsets Blackpink

Esonstyle Kids Headphone has dimensions 7.7 x 6.1 x 2 inches and comes with a weight of 9.6 ounces so that it can be comfortable for your kids or children while wearing.

The headband is quite adjustable so you can adjust it right according to your comfort level. It also assures extra comfort with soft earpads.

The headphone comes with 1.5 meters of cord and has wired connectivity. The LED lights in cat ears light up and glow.

They can be turned ON/OFF with the button. It comes in different colors that are black, pink, and purple.

It is one of the best-LED cat ear headphones because it comes with many features like a foldable feature for easy carrying.

  • Adjustable headband
  • LED glow lights
  • Less durable

It also features  volume-safe technology for the protection of ears from high volume.

Barsone Cat Ear Headphones

9. Barsone Wired Foldable On Ear Headsets With Led Glowing Light Black

Barsone Wired Foldable Kids Headphones are made of environmental TPE material for a comfortable, easy and soft experience.

The safe-volume feature of headphones lets you set a volume of a maximum of 85dB for kids so heavy volumes do not hurt or damage their ears.

You have a lot of options to choose from as it comes in different colors with variants of cat ears and fox ears.

The foldable feature of headphones lets you fold them in a small shape to carry easily with you.

It’s a wired headphone that can work with iOS and Android devices. This is a great LED cat ear headphones for children of 3 or more years.

  • Snug pad
  • Cat and fox ear design
  • No USB ports

It comes with a snug pad on adjustable headphones so it can be soft on your kid’s delicate head.

Luckyu Wireless Cat Ear Headphones

wireless bluetooth cat ear headphones with microphone

Luckyu Wireless Cat Ear Headphones are on-ear headphones that can provide you with a real sound effect and easy portability.

The LED lights of headphones can light in different colors. It also has a weight of 12 ounces which gives you easy wearing with a comfortable experience.

The headphone has buttons at the side so you can easily change the settings. It is also suitable for children or kids as it comes with safe-volume technology so it does not damage their ears with high volumes.

The soft ear pads give you full comfort. It is the best option for wireless gaming, a gift for kids, a Stereo experience, funky or costume parties, and cosplay fun.

  • 7 LED colors
  • Compatibility with all
  • No snug pad

It has a battery capacity of 300 mAH that can perform for 5 to 6 hours non-stop. The Bluetooth of the headphone is compatible with all iOS and Android devices.

LED Cat Ear Headphones – Our Verdict: 

It’s not every day when you can find a product that best matches your personality or choices and also performs equally well. You can avail this chance today by opting for one of the Best LED Cat Ear Headphones mentioned in today’s article. The products mentioned above are all cross-checked so you can decide knowingly and confidently!