IFECCO Kids Headphones for Girls Foldable Wired Kid Headset

These Cat-Inspired Purple Kids headphones can be the best gift to the young ones from their elders. In this era kids really like to have updated devices with the latest technology. Kids wired headphone is one the best headphone that is loaded with the latest technology and amazing features. Not only children are able to enjoy these features but also they can wear these overhead headphones comfortably due to their soft and flexible material. Iffeco manufactures these headphones keeping in mind the delicacy and fragility of kids. There is no compromise on the safety of children. Details of this headset with pros and cons are discussed below to make you fully aware of it.

Product info:

ifecco kids headphones for girls foldable wired kid headset review
Manufacturer: IFECCO
Connectivity: Wired
Fit Type: Over-ear
Weight: 10.06 ounces
Volume limit: 85 DB
Color: Blue, Purple, Black, Pink
Head jack: 3.5mm

Key Features:

  1. Child-friendly features like; food grade silicone material and volume limiting capabilities.
  2. Compatible with smartphones, laptops computers, MacBook, mp3, mp4, etc.
  3. Easy to carry while traveling due to its foldable design.
  4. Earpads are cushioned with soft and breathable foam.
  5. You can control shining LED lights either you can keep it flashing or shift or on steady mode.
  6. Its fox ears give a cute and charming look.

Product description

IFECO has a number of popular products for children, such as their IFECO Kids wired headphones. The IFECO Kids wired headphone is designed for children ages six to twelve. These beautiful wired headphones will allow your child to listen to music. The earbuds are an important feature when it comes to children’s headphones. The ears are not completely covered by the top of the earbud that allows children to receive clearer audio. If you have ever owned a pair of headphones that didn’t fit well, you know how difficult it can be to keep the headphones in without popping them off every time you move your head. Your child’s new IFECO Kids Headphones have over four inches of clearance around each ear hole to ensure that this won’t be a problem. Here is a list of top wired cat ear headphones.

The color-changing lights can be switched on/off with the help of a button switch.

Portable and Durable Cat Ear Headphones

IFECO also includes a number of other features. These features can be used to customize the kids’ IFECO Headphones to their liking. Two extra shock absorbers can be added to the back of each earbud to reduce the impact on the ears of younger children. There is a built-in volume control on the bottom of the headset. IFECO also includes a swivel cord so it can be easily plugged into any USB port.

Foldable & adjustable design

ifecco kids headphones for girls foldable wired kid headset

One of the most popular kinds of kids’ headphones is the IFECO Foldable Fox Ear headphones. These wired cat ear headphones are very easy to use and are designed for quick and trouble-free travel. The Space-saving design is perfect for young children who love to be on the go and need a quick and easy way to connect and get their entertainment. Check a complete list of the best foldable cat ear headphones.

Built-in Noise Cancellation

The built-in noise cancellation feature cuts down on outside noises that interfere with the kids’ entertainment. One of the unique features is noise cancellation protection that protects against sudden blasts of noise. Your kids will be safe and sound when using these in the front of their bedrooms. No more running around trying to keep your ears safe from loud sounds. Read here our top-picked headphones with built-in noise canceling.

One of the benefits of the IFECO Foldable Fox headphone is the convenience of having them at hand when you need them. They can be easily clipped onto the ears of your toddler or even held in your hand. This makes life a lot easier and provides a level of convenience that a normal headset could never match. If you have to leave your toddler or young child at home alone then this device is perfect for you. They can stay entertained for hours without the fear of waking up to loud noise or spending an extra half hour in bed due to an ear ringing.

A Perfect Gift for Kids

IFECO Kids headphones come with fos ear decorating with LED lights. These lights can be controlled through the small button on the headphone. You can turn it off through this button or you can change its mode, it is up to your choice. LED lights make it more attractive and charming towards the youngsters. Kids foldable headphone ensures clear sound with a strong base. Your kid will never miss a beat while listening to the music with this solid bass. These large IFECCO Foldable Fox Headphones are great for entertaining older children and teens.

Secure for Kids Listening

The foam earmuffs are an addition to makes them more comfortable headphones for kids. These Kid’s purple fox ear headphones are very keen to keep the ears of your children safe. It uses volume limiting technology that will deliver a secure 85db volume of sound to the ears. Other than this skin-friendly material is used in these headphones. With the safe volume limiting feature, the sound quality is ideal for kids.

The food-grade silicone material makes it a perfect gadget for kids with maximum flexibility.

All the features of this product are fine and unique that will definitely allow your child to entertain himself with his favorite music or game. These kids’ foldable headphones are available at a very low cost. So don’t be delayed and just go to the online shop and purchase it for your beloved kid.

  • They are very comfortable to wear.
  • It delivers a good quality of sound.
  • It is safe for kid’s ears.
  • Cute design
  • No built-in mic is situated in it.
  • Its wire plug is slightly bigger.

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Kids for ear headphones contain all the latest features and you can buy them at a very affordable price. It’s a great choice for parents to gift these stunning headphones to their kids to let them enjoy their entertainment.  these headphones are wired but, the wire is tangle-free so you can use them without any hassle. This is a comfortable wear headset. After reading about details of its features you will be able to understand its functioning. Just spend little money and purchase it for your children. 

These Fox Ear Headphones are inspired by Cat Ear headphone’s design.


Do they have a microphone?

No, they don’t have a microphone. Read this post if you need cat ear headphones with mic.

Is this fox ear headset is adjustable?

Yes, the headband