iClever Kids Headphones with Cat Ears and Led Backlight for kids

We all know that the standard headphones or headsets are slightly bigger to adjust to the kids’ heads. When headphones don’t fit according to the head’s size, it will be extremely uncomfortable. It will be responsible for the worst results—so keeping this in mind, Iclever Boostcare designed these special headphones for kids with an adjustable and flexible headset.

Iclever headphones for kids
Iclever headphones for kids


Connection: Wired

Model Name: HS12


Brand: IClever

Color: Pink

Design and Material

It’s an over-ear headphone that has changeable LED lights to entertain your children. Its body material is environment friendly and protects the baby skin of kids. Its food-grade plastic is extra durable and soft that makes kids super comfortable while listening to songs or playing online games, even for a long time. Its silicon cat ear makes little cuties more adorable.

LED Lights

LED lights have three modes; they can be steady, flashing, or strobe. Kids can choose the LED style according to their mood; if they want a party environment, they can make their room flashing with blue, green, and red lights. Whether your kid is three years old or 15 years old, It is very convenient to control these headphones.

Three modes of LEDs can be controlled by a press button on the cat ear. A single click will lead to steady mode, double click will shift the continuous mode into a blinking mode, and triple-click will be responsible for strobe mode. It doesn’t matter if your kid is vigorous and naughty or calm and cool this headphone remains unbroken and functional due to its stretchable and long-lasting material.

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Tangle Free Wire

Parents can feel at ease when their kids are using these wired headphones. For proving excellent quality, this headphone endures drop test, chew test, and tangle tests to make parents believe that this is the right choice to better listen to the kid.


It has perfect compatibility with smart gadgets through a 3.5mm headphone jack. It works virtually with all smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Safety comes first, so manufacturers kept this in mind and develop built-in volume-limiting circuitry in this headphone to control the volume maximum at 85 DB, which is not harmful to the hearing.

Soft Pillowed Earmuffs

Due to the flexibility of the headphone material, it can be reliable during long travels. It can bear the hustle and bustle of kids in the intimate spaces in cars and airplanes while traveling long ways. Soft and comfy earmuffs are cushioned and levied extra pressure while listening to music. Pillowed earmuffs are responsible for keeping the ear relaxed and blocking annoying noise from the outside.

This is helpful in cultivation the listening trait of your kid. Iclever designed these beautiful kitty ears headphones for kids keeping in mind their safety and their happiness. Sound quality delivered through it is entirely reasonable that children can enjoy without taking and break.

Low Cost

This Iclever headphone for kids cost is a significant advantage for the parents as it is available at a much lower price. Reliable and long-lasting headphones can make your little princess more adorable and happy. Buy it without any hesitation and gift it to your little ones to let them enjoy music on their own.

Important Features: 

  • Volume Limiting Technology
  • Adjustable LED Light
  • Soft Comfy Earpads
  • Lightweight headset
  • Adjustable Headband
  • Tangle Free Cord
  • Food-grade Silicone
  • On-the-ear Design
  • Tangle-free cords
  • Durable and flexible
  • Fun and kids friendly
  • Not at the moment