How to Play Sound Through Both Speakers and Headphones Windows 10

Recently we were asked by one of our readers a very common question, how to play sound through both speakers and headphones in windows 10? The question is valid: the user wanted to play sound from headphones and the speakers at the same time while playing two different audio tracks on pc.

Actually, this has happened to me as well. I wanted to listen to a broadcast attentively while my wife was also listening to it. My wife wanted to listen through speakers, and me using headphones. The other day she asked me if there is a way to listen to my kid’s online classes audio from computer speakers while he is attending his online classes through headphones. 

Now I was wondering if there is a way to play audio on multiple audio output devices connected to the computer. I did my research but couldn’t find any helpful resources to help me out. Then I discussed the matter with my colleagues and at the end, I found some solutions to the matter which I am listing below to play sound simultaneously through speakers and headphones on Windows 10.

Guide to Play Sound Through Both Speakers and Headphones Windows 10

Follow this step by step guide to make headphones and speakers default Windows 10 and use both headphone and speaker at the same time

1- Make sure you have connected your speakers and headphones correctly

2- Right-click on the speaker icon located on the system tray on the right side below on your screen.

1 how to play sound through both speakers and headphones windows 10


3- Select Sounds a new window will popup.

4- Toggle to playback tab.

5- Right-click on the computer’s speaker and make it the default speaker.

2 how to have audio play through speakers and headphones


6- Now switch to Recording tab, you will see your audio recording devices listed here. Go to properties by right clicking on the microphone. 

3 how to use two headphones on pc


7- Switch to listen tab from microphone properties window.

8- Click on the check box next to Listen to this device.

9- Click on the drop down menu below Play through this device, and select your connected headphone listed in this menu.

4 how to play music through speakers while using headphones

10- Hit the Apply button in the Microphone Properties window and Apply, Ok buttons on the sounds window.

5 how to play sound through headphones and speakers

11- That’s it. 

Hopefully this has answered the question; how to have audio play through speakers and headphones. However, if you face one earphone louder than the other issue – here is an easy guide to fix.

Normally we have two connecting ports for audio, one for audio in and one for audio out. The audio in port is used for microphone and audio recordings while audio out is used to listen to computer sound through headphones or speakers connected to the audio out port. 

So in this case you have one port for listening and one for recording. We connect a speaker to one port and the headphones to the other port. The idea here is to assign both the ports to output the computer audio so you can get sound from headphones and speakers at the same time?


Moreover, keep in mind it all depends on the operating system and the type of computer you are using. Most of the computers have the ability to output dual audio and some of the laptops can also use this function but not all. This method is also applicable to use two headphones on pc. you can use the same technique if you want to know how to use USB headset and headphones at the same time.

If there is any problem, please recheck again the devices and connect properly and you set the speakers as your default device.Now you can enjoy your favorite show or music without the distraction of your surroundings. While others can also listen to the same audio through computer headphones. If you want to know how to stop headphones and speakers playing at the same time, change the speakers and audio settings to default.

Please let us know if this guide was helpful for you, did you find any other solution to this problem? Share your experience playing sound through headphones and speakers in the comments below.

Below is a video tutorial to show how to use 2 audio outputs at the same time it is free of cost and you don’t need any additional accessories.