How to listen to PS4 through headphones, earbuds | PS4 & PS5

Playing games with full sound is a dream come true. But most often, the full sound becomes annoying for the surrounding people. And the late-night games can’t be possible with the full volume, because you can’t afford to wake the people up in your house. The mere solution to this problem that how to listen to PS4 through headphones  is to play the games with headphones. Regular headphones or the PS4 compatible headsets both are the perfect ones and will give the thick full volume sound.

If you’re planning to buy the headsets especially for your Playstation, then make sure the particular brand must offer certain gaming features with a great noise cancellation system. So you can play action-packed games even in noisy houses. Connection stability is the dominant feature to look out for. Through powerful connectivity, the connection procedure will be easier and quicker. Although the connection procedure will be different. But after some time you’ll be ready to do it in a few minutes.

How To Connect Wired Headphones To PS4

Follow These Steps Carefully:

Attach The Headphones

The first important thing you’ll need, the regular headphones and a 3.5mm jack. Insert the jack into the game controller. Headphones will connect within a few minutes after you twist the settings of PS4. If you’re using non-compatible headphones, you’ll need a converter.

Change The Settings

Do the following changes.

  1. Go to the settings, plenty of options will open.
  2. Through the controller, scroll down and click on Devices.
  3. After clicking on the device, you’ll have a page open on the screen where all the means of connectivity are listed there. Choose the Audio Devices.
  4. Select the Output Device. Left on the screen, you’ll see a little Headset connected to the Controller message in the bracket.
  5. Go again on Audio Devices, first click on the Output To Headphones and select All Audio.

Adjust The Volume

To get the lifelike sound through your headphones, don’t forget to adjust the volume settings. On the settings page, it gives the option of Adjusting The Microphone Level. Open the page and set the slider as per your liking. You can taste the sound by playing a little game on the PS4. If you don’t feel the thick bass sound, adjust the settings again.

How To Connect The Wireless Headphones To PS4

Compared to the wired headphones, wireless headphones are simple to connect through Bluetooth technology. One thing to note down is not all Bluetooth-enabled headphones are compatible with PS4. Buy the headsets that claim to be suitable for PS4. Sony is the leading brand in producing specific gaming headphones for the latest PS. With the best wireless headsets, it will do the connection procedure within a few seconds. Then, set the volume level and adjust audio settings. That’s it, you’re ready to slay the game without disturbing others.