FosPower Laced Wired Cat Ear Headphones for Kids

These stereo pretty cat ear headphones can steal the private concert of your kid. Your little princess will shine like a star by wearing these glowing cat ears purple-colored headphones. FosPower headphones possess the best features and beautiful looks all together in a very reasonable price range. Brands produce these headphones, especially for kids, as they need a more durable and reliable product.

Fos Power Headphoes
Fos Power Headphoes


Connections: Wired
Connecter-type: 3.5mm headphones jack
Wire: Laced
Brand: FosPower

Headphone type: On-ear

Design and Material

These headphones can bear kids’ rough behavior without any breakage. Flexibility and firm body material of earphones make them accompany your kid for a long time. Parents can buy them with confidence and shouldn’t worry about the safety of their kids.

Sound with limited Volume Control

Precise and robust sound is ensured with volume limiting technology. Volume limiting-technology controls volume to 85 decibels that is safer for little ones’ ears. With this volume-limiting system, parents can remain at ease whether their kids are using this headset for an extended period.

The laced wire is entirely safe to use; it will not create any tangling, and kids can handle it easily. Anyone can adjust its extendable headband to one inch to provide precise fitting to the ears. Perfect fitting of the earmuffs to ear will ensure passive noise cancellation.

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Padded Ear Cushion

Padded ear cushions give complete comfort to the ears to make listening to music more convenient and smooth. Foam ear pad in the earmuffs helps block the outside noise and help in a concentration of kids to listen to music. Cushioned earmuffs are responsible for passive noise isolation that will make a sound of music free from surrounding annoying voices. Kids can enjoy every beat of the music with this noise-reduction technology to provide extra comfort. Kids can wear them for a long term without getting any scalp irritation. Overall this headset is super convenient to wear regardless of time. Cat ears are loaded with vibrant LED.

LED Lights

There are two modes of LEDs. If your kids feel to light these LEDs continuously, they can press the button, and the lights shine steadily. The other manner is the flashing of lights. If kids feel high-spirited and want to enjoy the fun environment, he can change the LED light to blinking or flashing mode according to the music’s rhythm. Lights can easily be controlled by just one press of the button on the headset.LED lights will make your kids shine like a diamond in the star sky.

Technical details:

  • Speaker Size: 30mm
  • Sensitivity: Max 85dB
  • Impedance: 320hm
  • Cable Length: 4ft
  • Cable Type: 3.5mm
  • Battery: Lithium Coin Battery


The brand also gives a limited warranty for this product. It’s a plus point as if any damage occurs to this product, and you can claim its replacement.

  • Flexible and durable
  • Safe for kids
  • Limited time warranty