Dropped AirPods in Water? : SAVE Them with This HACK in 2022!

Airpods are small beautiful earphones available in the market, but they are very delicate and expensive too.

But what happens if you accidentally drop your Airpods in water?  In this article, we will help you with the answer and also tell you how to fix your wet Airpods.

So, How to save your Airpods if you dropped them in water accidently?

Here is what you must do immediately if you dropped Airpod in water:

  • Turn off the Airpods immediately
  • Do not try and turn your Airpods on as it may result in a short circuit
  • Don’t use your Airpods immediately. It is advisable to wait for a few hours before using them again
  • Start by cleaning your Airpods with a dry piece of microfiber cloth
  • Once you have dried them let your Airpods sit in an upside-down position in the sun 
  • Try using some desiccant packets that usually come with shoe boxes, with electronic gadgets and inside hand bags.

airpods in water

These desiccant packets are made to absorb moisture and keeping your wet Airpods inside a container with few of these packets can help pull out all the moisture from the Airpods 

After cleaning your Airpods with a dry microfiber cloth, always leave your Airpods in the Sun and allow them to dry up for at least 1-2 hours before using them again. It is important that the water inside the Airpods dries up completely before you turn them on otherwise there could be a short-circuit and your Airpods may get damaged forever.

In case you notice that along with your Airpods its case also is wet, then you must do the same thing such as cleaning the Airpods case with a clean microfiber cloth and allowing it to dry up completely by leaving it in the sun for a few hours. If you can leave the Airpods and the case in the open for 24 hours then it would even be better.how to dry airpods

Trying one of the above methods will definitely help you fix our airpods in water issue however there are other things which you try to ensure your Airpods are completely dried out.

Many people are used to getting notifications or warning signs when something goes wrong with their gadgets and similarly you might wonder if your Airpods come with a water damage indicator? Let us see if they actually do.

Do Airpods come with any water damage indicator?

The answer is No. Airpods do not come with any water damage indicator although almost all products from Apple come with one. 

Usually, this indicator helps you by sending you an alert that your gadget has been damaged due to water but in the case of Airpods, unfortunately, there isn’t any indicator.

So, the best way to know if your Airpods have got damaged is when you connect them to their charger and they are unable to charge or when you connect them to your device and they fail to connect with the device.

How to dry Airpods completely?

Once you have dried your wet Airpods with a clean microfiber quality cloth and with the help of desiccant packets, your Airpods should be ready for use. However, if you are still not sure and want to try something else to get your Airpods to dry up then 

  • Place your Airpods in warm places for few hours
  • Try placing them in an airing cupboard 
  • You could also place them inside uncooked rice for a few hours. Rice will absorb all the moisture
  • Avoid using the Airpods for at least 2 days to ensure they have completely dried up

DON’T – If you Dropped Airpod in Water

Some the things which you should completely avoid in case you have dropped your Airpods in water are 

  • Do not place your wet Airpods back into their case before drying them out
  • Do not use your Airpods before drying them up completely otherwise your Airpods may have short circuits and they may get damaged permanently
  • Do not try and open your Airpods just because you want to dry them up
  • Do not use a Hair dryer to dry the water as the hot air from the dryer can damage the small electric particles inside the Airpods
  • Do not place your Airpods in front of a Radiator too as it may damage the Airpods circuitry
  • No now place your Airpods in rice as they will accumulate the dust from the rice which in turn will completely destroy your Airpods
dry airpods in rice
Place the AirPods in a rice container

It is a human tendency to panic during an accident, especially when your favorite devices like airpods pro are at stake. However it is important in situations like airpods in water to not panic and keep calm. Because when you panic you end up making mistakes and taking the wrong decisions.

Tips to prevent your Airpods from getting wet and damaged in water? 

To ensure that your tiny Airpods are always safe and they don’t get wet in water try and do the following things such as

  • Don’t keep your Airpods in wet surfaces
  • Always keep Airpods away from drinks
  • Don’t spray perfume on yourself when you are wearing the Airpods
  • Keep Airpods inside your bags if starts to rain
  • Do not use your Airpods while swimming
  • Check your pockets carefully before putting them in the washing machine
  • You can carry an extra pouch or box for Airpods in it and ensure they are always protected
  • Do not use your Airpods while taking a Sauna or Steam
  • Do not use your Airpods while doing any water sports

In many cases, a lot of users have complained that their Airpods have stopped working as they got wet due to the sweat while working out or going for a run. They end up asking if AirPods are waterproof? Let us now understand what is the difference between Waterproof and Water-resistant?

Are Airpods Waterproof or Water Resistant?

Airpods are not waterproof but they are definitely water and sweat-resistant. This means that with a little bit of water they will not get damaged but if they are thrown into the swimming pool or you drop a glass of water on them then there are chances of them getting permanently damaged.

What happens if the Airpods get wet with any other liquid apart from water?

It totally depends on what fell into the Airpods for example if you dropped your Airpods in saltwater then apart from cleaning them dry you also need to use a toothpick to remove all the salt residue that may collect in your Airpods.

In cases where you spilled coffee on your Airpods, you can use a damp cloth to clean them up.

In case you dropped some food gravy into your Airpods pro then apart from using a damp cloth to clean them up, you have to ensure you have removed every single residue carefully, or else your Airpods may give you trouble with the sound quality. 

When we say that the Airpods are not water proof we mean that any excess liquid can damage your Airpods and not necessarily only water. Liquids can also be liquid detergent, alcohol, salt water, food gravy, coffee, perfume, etc.

If after following the given tips you are not able to save your Airpods pro then in any case do not try to open them up. Rather please take your Airpods to the nearest service centre to get them fixed or you may even have to replace them.


We hope you liked reading the article today on dropped airpods in water fix and found it interesting. Hopefully, we were able to provide you with all the answers that you were looking for. So, the next time you accidentally drop your Airpods into the water, don’t panic but calm down and follow the instructions given here. Apple Airpods are delicate and expensive and you need to be extremely careful while handling them too.