How To Connect Powerbeats Pro to Windows 10 EASILY [2022]

Power Beats pro are lightweight and comfortable earbuds with ear hooks that are loved by everyone but not many know how to connect the Power Beats pro to a Windows 10 device.

So, How To Connect Powerbeats Pro to Windows 10?

In order to Connect Powerbeats Pro to Windows 10, you will have to enable Bluetooth in both devices and then pair them to establish a connection.

powerbeats pro

Follow the below mentioned steps To Connect Powerbeats Pro to Windows 10:

  • Turn on the Power Beats Pro 
  • Now click on the windows icon in the desktop and go to settings -> Devices
  • Click on Bluetooth and other device settings now
  • Turn on the Bluetooth here using the Bluetooth toggle
  • Now click on Add Bluetooth or other devices option
  • Your Windows will now start searching for nearby Bluetooth connections
  • Select the Power beats pro once Windows is able to locate it
  • The Power beats will now begin to connect to your Windows and once done you will get a confirmation notification on your screen

The Power beats pro is now connected to your Windows 10 device and you can start listening to music.

FIX Can’t connect powerbeats pro to windows 10

In case the Powerbeats Pro earbuds are not able to connect to your Windows 10 device, then you might have to troubleshoot the earbuds connection process.

Here are some troubleshooting steps you can take:

  • Resetting the configuration settings in your Powerbeats Pro headphone
  • Checking the battery life in your wireless earbuds
  • Update the firmware of the Power beats pro
  • Repair the firmware of your Power Beats Pro

Do Powerbeats pro work with Android?

You can connect your Power Beats pro headsets to any Android device, Windows 10 devices, and Windows 7 devices as well. 

The good part about Powerbeats Pro earbuds is that it’s not limited to only Apple devices. 

How to turn on powerbeats pro?

To turn on your Powerbeats pro headphones, you will have to keep pressing the power button (hold down the power) located on the left ear for 1-3 seconds.

The indicator light on the Powerbeats case will start flashing a white LED indicating that the earbuds are now ready to be paired.

How to make Power Beats pro discoverable?

In order to make your Powerbeats pro discoverable to other devices, you will have to press the power button in your wireless earbuds for at least 5-7 seconds.

The indicator light in your earbuds will start blinking and they will be discoverable to other devices.

FIX Windows 10 is unable to pair with Powerbeats pro?

If Windows 10 is unable to locate the Power beats pro headphones, then there could be an issue related to the Bluetooth connection or settings.

To help connect powerbeats pro with Windows 10 successfully, try:

  • Turning off Bluetooth in other devices
  • Enabling Bluetooth driver
  • Updating the Bluetooth Driver

Turning off Bluetooth in other devices- The power beats pro tends to connect to the device it was last connected to automatically once it is turned on. Hence if the earbuds are not able to connect to Windows 10 then turn off the Bluetooth in the last device it was connected to and try connecting your earbuds to your Windows again by following the steps given above.

Enabling Bluetooth driver – It is sometimes difficult to connect your Earbuds to your Windows because the device driver might be disabled on your computer. To enable the driver manually 

  • Turn on your computer
  • Right Click on the Windows icon in the desktop 
  • Go to Device manager
  • Now click on Sound Video and game controllers to expand the menu
  • You will now see a list of all the devices that was connected to your computer
  • Once you see your Power beats on the list notice if there is a down arrow marked just next to it
  • If yes then right click on the device and select enable device
  • Once done you can connect your Power Beats to your Windows by following the steps which we have discussed earlier

Updating the Bluetooth Driver – At times if your Windows 10 have a missing or outdated Bluetooth driver then it may not be able to find your Powerbeats and connect to it. You need to update your Bluetooth driver in such a situation and to do so by following the given steps

update bluetooth driver
Update Bluetooth Driver
  • Download and install Driver Easy on your computer
  • Once it is installed run the Driver and click on Scan now
  • The Driver Easy will start scanning your computer now and detect any problems with the driver
  • Once the Driver is done scanning it will show you a list of drivers that needs to be updated
  • Click on update. This will help in downloading any new updates into the computer automatically
  • Once the update is done you will get a notification saying update completed

You can now connect your Powerbeats pro to your Windows 10 device by following the steps right from the beginning.

How to Connect Powerbeats Pro to Desktop with no Bluetooth?

Most desktop computers do not usually come with a built-in Bluetooth. In such a situation to connect your wireless Powerbeats to your Windows desktop, you will need a Bluetooth USB adaptor.

You can connect the Bluetooth USB adaptor using a USB port which will also help you connect to other Bluetooth-enabled devices. To connect the Bluetooth USB adapter to the desktop via a USB port you will have to let your Windows install all necessary drivers into the system. 

bluetooth adaptor
Bluetooth Adaptor

Once the drivers are successfully installed you will be receiving a notification on your screen saying “your device is now ready to get connected ”. Once you receive the notification you should be able to connect your wireless earbuds to your pc.

Why are Powerbeats Pro so popular?

Powerbeats is one of the best accessories available in the market. They give you up to 9 hours of listening time and in case you are using them with the charging case then you get at least 24 hours of listening time. These delicate earbuds from Apple not only have an amazing fit but they are really adjustable and give you a secure fit.

One of the major pros of the Powerbeats is that they are sweat and water-resistant and good for those who would like to use them during their workouts. Both the earbuds also come with both volume and track controls on each earbud hence you can now control which track you would like to listen to all by using your Power beats pro.


We really hope you enjoyed reading the article today and found it informative. So the next time you have any issues connecting your wireless Power Beats pro earbuds to Win 10, then this article will be able to help and guide you.