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Perky and Tender Cat ears, bright flashing LED lights, Crispier Speakers, perfect catchy microphone – everything seems so perfect but the limitation of headphon’s wire connecting to your system can be a real annoying situation sometimes. 

A top-of-the-line Headphone must look good and perform well but also, it should facilitate the user. If you also feel like a free bird and corded restrictions annoy you, you should go for a Cat Ear Wireless Headphone with Microphone. 

Do you want a headphone that can let you enjoy your favorite tunes anywhere anytime? Wouldn’t you love it if your headphones also work as a speaker too?

Yes, it’s as exciting as it seems to be. You can enjoy wireless music doses and at the same time, you can cheer up your friends by using the built-in speakers in the cat ears. Dual Fun!  

Best Cat Ear Wireless Headphone with Microphone

Cat Ear Headphones are a bewildering yet ingenious concept that features the latest technologies with style and help you to rock any gathering.

Though we have compiled a list of the best Cat Ear Wireless Headphone with Microphone, the one that pays off the price is Cat ear headphones that feature ambient noise-muffling mic, crispier high-grade speakers, durable design, and immaculate compatibility with all laptops, computers, Xboxes, Nintendo, iPods, and iPad, etc. You’ll love the way it looks and performs! 

Products Features Prices
Cat ear headphones Foldable Check price
LOBKIN Cat ear headphones Light shining Check price
Kid’s cute Cat ear headphones LED lights Check price
Cat ear headphones with mic Available in 7 colours Check price
Brookstone limited edition Silver coloured headphones Check price
Mindkoo headphones Foldable Check price
Damikan Cat ear headphones Compatible with most electronics Check price

Cat ear headphones

cat ear headphones stereo

These Cat ear headphones with mic offer a great deal of attraction for the kids as they are available in many appealing colors such as aqua green, pink, red & blue, and pink & turquoise.

LED Lights:

The best headset for cat lovers offers a GBR three-coloured LED lighting which will make kids, teens and women look cuter. LED lights can spice up any mood and any environment even when you are gaming or listening to your favorite tunes. 

Bombastic Sound Experience:

The headphones offer a bombastic sound experience with a HI-FI stereo system and a powerful bass sound. The 40mm large speaker driver will take you to another world. The volume control is amazing with a minimum sound of 85 decibels.

Amazing Compatibility:

The new generation 5.0 chip makes it compatible with many devices such as all of your smartphones, tablets, IOS and Android. The Bluetooth connects in no time and also gives you a stable connection with a great signal transmission with a 50ft high range.

Ease of Use:

The aux-in jack makes sure that you can use it even if you are out of battery. The comfortable headset comes with an adjustable headband and protein earpads and the ears can swivel inside for your convenience.

Other Features:

The best cat ear headphones have good microphones to hear crystal clear voices. They also come equipped with a TF card slot, a 3.5 mm aux-in jack, an FM radio mode, and 4 kinds of musical modes for all your moods and occasions.

  • User-friendly
  • Compact
  • Fully compatible
  • Hard to scan through Radio stations.

LOBKIN Cat ear headphones

6. Kids Headphones Cat Ear On Ear Headphones Peach

The TCGG cat ear wireless headphones with a microphone make you look fashionable and trendy with so many features. These best headphones for kids have the best audio quality with a crystal clear sound and the best bass system. The company makes sure to bring colors to your boring life and make them resourceful for kids too at school.

Easy Compatibility:

These wire-free headphones have a 5.0 generation Bluetooth compatibility. They can be used wire-free with full battery mode and with an aux cable when you run out of battery. They come with a 3.5mm aux cable jack, FM and SD card slot which makes storage and connection easy to your PC, smartphone, tablet, Ipad and all other music players.

Better Reliability:

These wonderful headsets have a long battery life of almost 10 hours with a minimum charging time of 2 hours. The built-in microphone makes voice pickup crisp and clear.

Versatility of Use:

The microphone is most beneficial for a zoom class, a video chat or answering a random call. The Bluetooth is of high quality which provides an interruption-free connection.

Comfort of Use:

Moreover, the company makes sure to provide you with the utmost comfort with an adjustable and padded headband and padded ear cups. They also give you a 12-month warranty and a 24/7 help-line.

  • Adorable
  • Attractive shape
  • Comfortable
  • Poor quality

Kid’s cute Cat ear headphones

purple cat ear headphone with mic

The kid’s cute Cat ear wireless headphones with microphone is an eye-catching piece of accessory available in three different colors, blue, pink, and purple, and also, 3 different colored lights shining bright on the cat ears.

Durability to Trust:

The Dog Xiong Brand has made a durable stainless steel headset with fine sound quality and 50mm large diameter aperture drivers which provide a vast frequency range, a deep bass and a super clear voice quality. You will have an experience like never before with these headsets.

Compatible Battery Life:

It comes with a 420mAh battery which gives a 13-15hr battery life with only limited hour charging. Both wireless and wired mode can be used with the aux cable jack provided. These headphones are compatible with almost all sorts of electronic devices.

Comfort of Use:

These headphones come with a great comfort as they have a padded headband, protein ear cushioning and an adjustable headband so your head doesn’t ache even from longer constant use.

Convenient Portability:

The easy to carry compact kind of design makes travelling easier and enjoyable for you. With amazing battery life to trust and brilliant design, you can take this goodness with you anywhere anytime. 

  • Cute
  • Appealing colour scheme
  • Portable
  • Can’t use a microphone with the aux mode

Cat ear headphones with mic

wireless bluetooth cat ear headphones with microphone

The best Cat ear wireless headphones with microphones offer you a big range of colors on your glowing cat ears. The LED light flashing will make you stand tall and different at a party very easily.

Impressive Sound Quality:

These attractive headphones allow good volume control and fantastic sound quality. A blend of good bass and sound but also make sure to keep the kids safe by allowing a controlled sound of 85db which is the normal sound for adults too.

Compatible Connectivity:

This headset also allows universal compatibility offering V4.2 Bluetooth technology that easily connects to all latest gadgets from all Apple products to all Samsung products, from all PCs to all tablets. It makes life easier by equipping the headset with a 3.5mm interface cable that can make it work even if you run out of battery.

Ease of Use:

The most adorable and comfortable accessory has cushioned earpads and an adjustable headband can be the best gift for kids, teens and women for all sorts of occasions.

  • Glowing
  • Many colour lights
  • Technological
  • Cheaply made

Brookstone limited edition

ariana grande headphonesariana grande reviewcat headphonesariana grande wireless cat ear headphones 1

The Brookstone limited edition Cat ear wireless headphones with microphones are best for pop-music and hip hop music fans like Ariana Grande. This amazing limited edition headphone is a must-buy for teenagers who wanna look stylish and modern.

Impressive Accent Lights:

The signature piece of accessory works according to your mood and changes colours matching your outfits, green, orange, ice, lavender, purple, light blue, pink and hot pink. It is your choice whether you want to keep the accent lights on or off.

Sound Quality:

They make you feel like you’re listening to a concert at home with the exceptionally good sound quality these wireless headphones offer. They come equipped with a USB port so they can be charged after using for 5 hours straight.

Bluetooth Connectivity:

The comfortable headset offers a good Bluetooth connection compatible with almost everything. The built-in microphone allows you to take in calls easily.

A perfect gift for your kid, Order this limited time edition before it runs out of stock!

  • Stylish
  • Adjustable
  • Rechargeable
  • Cheap plastic quality

Mindkoo headphones

8. Mindkoo Bluetooth Cat Ear Wireless Headphones

The Mindkoo Cat ear wireless headphones are the cutest thing you can give to your son or daughter. It not only looks good but also works exceptionally smartly to let you enjoy any environment.

Perfect LED Lighting:

The LED glowing ring lights on top of those cat ears have 7 colours and 4 modes. To best match with your sense of style, this eye-catching headphone comes in 7 colours including light blue, silver, red, blue, green, yellow, and pink.

Light Modes:

Further, it features 4 modes for lighting including an All Lights On mode, Lights Of Cat Ears on, Lights Of Earpads on and All Lights Flash Mode so you can choose according to your preferences and mood.

Stereo Sound Quality:

The company manufactures outstanding headsets with stereo HD sound and comes with an already installed microphone that makes voice quality crisper and clearer than ever. It also gives you a sound quality that comforts your ears.

Feasible Connectivity:

The new technology-oriented headphones have a 5.0 generation Bluetooth compatibility which will connect to all your smartphones, your tablets, your PCs, your Ipads and laptops.

Battery Life:

If the Bluetooth mode doesn’t work or your battery finishes then you can use a 3.5mm aux cable though it has a long 70-hour music time because of its built-in 900mah rechargeable battery.

Convenient Earpads:

One more feature added with comfort is the swivel motion of the extremely soft earpads. The stretchable headband makes them a perfect choice for anyone. You can wear them the entire day and you won’t get tired. The compact set of headphones can be easily placed inside your bag.

Read here a detailed review of Mindkoo Wireless Cat Ear Headphones.

  • Unisex
  • Affordable
  • Cool
  • Material is of low quality

Damikan Cat ear headphones

5. Kids Bluetooth Foldable On Ear Stereo Wireless Headset Blue

Color Choices:

It is available in three subtle colours and allows four different modes. The colours include beige, light blue and light purple so you can choose a color according to your personal preferences.

Playing Modes:

The music play modes are a TF card less than 32GB, a 5.0 generation Bluetooth mode, an aux-in mode and an FM mode. With the TF card mode, you can listen to the songs on your memory card.

With a Bluetooth mode, you can wirelessly connect your smartphone, tablets and other devices. With an aux-in mode, you can wire your headphones with the aux cable provided to you PC, laptops, smartphones, Ipads and tablets.

You can also switch to the FM mode by pressing the “M” button, voice prompt “Radio mode” to enter FM mode.

Sound Quality:

It comes with a great sound quality featuring a built-in microphone. This microphone comes with an added noise cancellation feature to provide you with a facility of easy conservations and recordings anywhere anytime.

Adjustable Headset:

The Adjustable and stretchable headset will adjust according to the size of your head putting less strain on your head and neck. The soft cushioned headband and pressure-relieving air pads make sure that you don’t get tired even from wearing them the entire day.

  • Many different modes
  • Noise isolation
  • Stretchable
  • No obvious cons for these headphones


Cat Ear Wireless Headphone with Microphone – Conclusion

Cat ears are a style statement for so many of us. You can portray your sense of style and choices by opting for a classic and ambient Cat ear wireless headphone with mic so you can carry it anywhere around. Just choose the one that best suits your personal needs and be ready to be the prominent face of any friend’s gathering! 


Product Gaming Microphone LED Lights For Kids/ Woman/Girls Over Ear, Color Price
Brookstone Limited Edition Ariana Grande Wireless Cat Ear Headphones Yes Yes   Adults, Kids, Girls, Moman Over Ear Color Changing Check Price
Version UP 3S Cat Ear Headphones Yes Yes Yes Adults, Kids, Girls, Moman Over Ear Black Check Price
MindKoo Bluetooth Headphones, Cat Ear Headphones Yes Yes Yes Kids, Adults Over Ear Black, Pink, White, Color LED Check Price
Damikan Cat Ear Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones,   Yes Yes Kids Over Ear Beige, Blue, Purple Check Price
Censi Music Headset Yes Yes   Adults, Kids, Girls Over Ear White Check Price
Cat Ear Headphones On-Ear Wireless Stereo Kids Headset Yes Yes Yes Kids On Ear Blue, Green, Red Check Price
Kids Headphones, TCJJ Cat Ear Wireless Headphones   Yes Yes Kids Over Ear Pink, Light Purple Check Price
Kids Bluetooth Wireless Headphones   Yes Yes Kids Over Ear Pink, Blue, Gree, Purple, White Check Price
Bluetooth Headphones, Riwbox CT-7 Cat Ear LED Light Up Wireless   Yes Yes Kids Over Ear Pink & Green, White & Pink Check Price
4In1 Purple Bluetooth kids Cute Cat Ear Over Ear Wireless LED Yes Yes Yes Kids Over Ear Blue, Pink, Purple Check Price
Luckyu Wireless Bluetooth Cat Ear Headphones with Mic   Yes Yes Kids, Adults On Ear Black Check Price

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