Cat Ear Wired Headphones for Girls Boys Kids Volume Limiting Headset

L’aise vie kids headphones are for those boys and girls who love cats and want to look like cute kittens. These headphones are over-ear headphones that are perfect for young girls and boys. All the good feature which a good headphone should have contained by these headphones. Comfortable to wear while listening to music or playing games. Kids and teenagers both can wear them comfortably due to their adjustable headbands.

If you are going to gift something to your younger ones then kids headphone is right choice to make. Below we are going to share all information about its features and specifications with you. This will definitely help you in understanding these headphones before buying. Let’s read together with the features of Kids headphones.

Product info:

7. Esonstyle Safe Wired Kids Headsets Blackpink
Manufacturer: L’aise vie
Connectivity: Wired
Fit Type: Over-ear
Weight: 9.1 ounces
Volume limit: 85 DB
Color: Pink 
Head jack: 3.5mm

Key Features:

  • These headphones have an adjustable headband.
  • Volume limiting technology can keep your ears safe.
  • Led lights are decorated on the headband makes it more attractive.
  • Swiveling Earcups makes it more comfortable for kids.
  • Earpads are cushioned with comfortable and soft foam.
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and PC
  • Stylish, foldable design for an on-the-go lifestyle

Detailed description:

The L’aise vie headphones are a new entrant in the market that promises great features for your kids. The L’aise vie features the latest in wireless technology that ensures the comfort of your child’s ears. This is very important to parents who worry about their kids’ comfort while they are busy with their work. You know how kids can be, they tend to move quite fast especially when they are excited or feeling uncomfortable about something.

Cat Ear Headphones with Volume Limiting Feature

volume limiting cat ear headphones for kids

This volume limiting headset is a device that limits the volume of audio output. They are made to protect children from hearing damage caused by loud noises.

Volume limiting headsets are used to help children with autism, ADHD, and other attention-related challenges maintain concentration for longer periods of time. This includes kids who just won’t stop talking or fidgeting.

These cat ear headphones provide a safe way to control the intensity of sounds emitted from electronic devices without interfering with their functionality.

Cat Ear Headphones Designed Specially for Kids

These cat ear headphones designed to meet the needs of children are becoming more and more popular these days. They are known to have a variety of benefits that make them a perfect choice for any child-related venture, such as online schooling or recreational activities.

You have to remember that they are only two years old and may not understand what is wrong if they bump into the table or hurt themselves while playing with their new toys. The L’aise vie kids headset is designed in such a way that is ideal for soothing your kids when they are listening to music or watching movies. These cat-ear headphones can make your kid happy and excited. They do have a light on the headset that can really be attractive to young boys and girls.

Comfortable Cat Ear Headphones for Kids Ears

kids girls headphones removebg preview

L’aise vie headphone comes in soft and breakable earmuffs. These earmuffs are designed to reduce noise from surroundings through passive noise canceling. This noise reduction will help your child to focus on online games, music, or movies. The ear cups are swivel cups that keep the eras from fatigue. With the breakable earcups, the ear remains pressure-free.

L’aise vie cat ear headphone works well for both young and old kids. This is one of the best headphones that can be used to ease listen to music. Your kids will feel very comfortable using L’aise vie because it fits perfectly on their ears. It does not fall off, rub or cause irritation to your child’s ears at any point. L’aise vie will make your kids feel more secure as they are safely enjoying the soothing tunes in this amazing earphone. the plug of the headphone allows being compatible with other devices like computers, smartphones, laptops, kindle fire tv sticks, tablets, etc.

Stylish Cat Ear Headphones with LED Lights

L’aise vie headphone has a number of features that make it more exciting for your kids to use. Like flashing  LED lights that look stunning with pink color cat ears. Youngsters feel good while wearing these beautiful headphones. In these headphones, kids can control the volume through a small button. Sound quality is perfect through these cat ears headphones. L’Aise Vie Kids headphone is a great quality product that is sure to please your kids. It is made of high-quality materials that are durable and very safe to use. It will stimulate and provide entertainment to your kids, making everyone in the family happy and safe.

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Durable Cat Ear Headphones for Kids

All in all, L’aise vie Kids cat ear headphones are well-made headphones that are durable and will last a long time. They are also completely safe for kids and do not have any harmful side effects. In fact, L’Aise Vie is one of the few brands that are completely kid-friendly and offers parents nothing but the highest quality product. L’Aise Vie is definitely not the cheapest brand available, but it does have the best quality. L’aise vie headphones are available at affordable price. You can buy them with no worries and give them to your beloved kids.

  • Soft and comfortable headband.
  • Lightweight prevents the neck from tiredness.
  • Available at a very low price.
  • Durable material helps to accompany you for a long time.
  • No built-in mic is located on it.


These comfortable headphones with swivel earcups are best for you youngsters. Young boys and girls can enjoy the clear and crisp sound of music through them. It also has a good noise cancellation system that really prevents any disturbing noise from annoying you. With all the good features these also hold the perfect look for energetic kids. The cute cat ears and shiny LED lights make it more stunning and beautiful. You can have this product at a reasonable price. At a low price, your kid can enjoy all the good aspects of cat ear headphones. We are hoping this article would be helpful for you in purchasing this product.


Is its material is durable?

Yeah, this headphone has durable material that can run for a long time without any damage.

Can you control the volume of headphones?

Yeah, this headphone has a small button through which volume can be controlled.

What are the best cat ear headphones

Razer Kraken Kitty RGB are the best cat ear headphones for all ages and genders.

How is the noise cancellation system?

In this headphone passive noise cancellation is more effective.

Watch below our unboxing and review video of these cat ear headphones for kids.