Cat Ear Headphones with Mic – Let the Furry Friend Enjoy

Cat Ears – The term may reflect a vision of a sharp lady with cute and down-to-earth personality who loves to be loved, enjoys every beat, and rocks her life.

Cat Ear Headphones aren’t anything very new to the market but they still are a trend because cat love is never outdated. 

Are you looking for a Cat Ear Headphone that matches your personality? Are you searching for a reliable option that looks exceptionally fascinating but doesn’t cut an edge on performance? 

Obviously, beauty without a brain is of no use, and in the same way, a perky cat ear headphone without a mic is like you are forbidden to speak. And also, it’s of no use if it doesn’t work properly. 

But how would you differentiate the finely working headphone from low-grade headphones? 

Tough Question, right? No worries, we’ve keenly worked for you and have come up with a list of the best Cat Ear Headphones with Mic for you so you can enjoy both, the cheesy looks and an awesome performance. 

The Editor’s Choice high gear Cat Ear Headphone is Brookstone Cat Ear Headphones that utterly justifies its claims. The headphone plays exceptionally crispy sound and the microphone is capable of catching voice with least possible noise. LED lights and fully functional controls make it a great deal for the bucks. 

Cat Ear Headphones with Mic

Time is too precious to be wasted. To save your valuable time, we have made a comparison table below that highlights the primary features of the best cat ear headphones with a mic. Have a quick look at it before you make your purchase.

Cat ear headphones with micFeatures Check Price
Top Pick
Brookstone Cat Ear Headphones
1 pounds weight, wireless, Bluetooth connection, external speakers, rechargeable with USBCheck Price
MindKoo Cat Ear Headphones14.1 pounds weight, Bluetooth connectivity, audio cable, no external speakers, rechargeable batteryCheck Price
Wireless Kids Cat Ear Headphones11.9 pounds weight, Bluetooth connection, 3 play modes, rechargeable batteryCheck Price
Cat Ear Headphones Stereo11.8 pounds weight, Bluetooth connection, audio cable, 4 play modesCheck Price
TCJJ Cat Ear Headphones14 pounds weight, Bluetooth connection, audio cable, rechargeable batteryCheck Price
Purple Cat Ear Headphone14.4 pounds weight, Bluetooth connection, audio cable, rechargeable batteryCheck Price
Wireless Bluetooth
Cat Ear Headphones
12 pounds weight, Bluetooth connection, audio cable, rechargeable batteryCheck Price

Let’s see the details now.

Brookstone Cat Ear Headphones

ariana grande headphonesariana grande reviewcat headphonesariana grande wireless cat ear headphones 1

Brookstone cat ear headphone is the fun-design headphone of the Brookstone brand. This cat ear headphone is not only appealing to the eyes but also offers premium features to its users.


  • The Brookstone cat ear headphone weighs just 1 pound so it gives no load to your head and lets you enjoy music for hours with its excellent sound quality. Its LED lighting is fascinating and will catch the attention of everyone around you.
  • This Brookstone cat ear headphone is compatible with most devices. You can connect it to your laptop, tablets, or smartphones through a Bluetooth connection. With it, you can enjoy the music for continuous 5 hours.
  • Its high-grade microphone allows you to pick the call and sends your clear voice to the other side. You can also share the music with your friends with its external speakers. Its earcups offer good comfortability and keep you cool & easy for hours.
  • Alluring design
  • Good sound quality
  • Appealing cat ear speakers
  • A bit ineffective speakers


The Brookstone cat ear headphone is surely one of the best cat ear headphones with a mic due to its marvelous features, alluring design, and strong build.

MindKoo Cat Ear Headphones

8. Mindkoo Bluetooth Cat Ear Wireless Headphones

The MindKoo brand has made the wondrous MindKoo cat ear headphone, which is much admired by children due to its fantastic design and enticing LED color lights.


  • The Mindkoo cat ear headphone has a charming style and strong build. It offers 7 LED light colors with 4 different settings which are of great amusement for kids. Considering its foldability feature, it is portable and quite convenient to use. If the battery dies in the middle of your favorite song, its audio cable will not let you get interrupted. Simply plugin and continue.
  • To ensure you remain comfortable while listening to the music for hours, it provides you the ultra-comfy ear pads. If you ask about its sound quality, it is matchless. It provides you a better listening experience with its easy volume control and good audio quality.
  • You can connect it to your smartphones, tablet, or PC via Bluetooth. If you get a call while listening to the music, you can attend it with its built-in microphone by merely touching a button

Read here the complete review and product description of Mindkoo cat ear headphones.

  • 7 Fascinating LED Lights
  • Fun design for kids
  • Affordable
  • Lacks external speakers


In short, the MindKoo cat ear headphone is the worth-buying headphone due to its lovely design and convenient features.

Wireless Kids Cat Ear Headphones

5. Kids Bluetooth Foldable On Ear Stereo Wireless Headset Blue

Wireless kids cat ear headphone is the fascinating kids’ headphone of the Na1 brand. It offers wonderful LED color lights and superb features at such an economical cost that is laudable.


  • This cat ear design headphone offers excellent noise cancellation that will give a crystal clear sound by damping ambient noises. So the sound quality of this kid’s headphone is remarkable. You can also attend your friend’s call by just pressing a button and talk effectively with its built-in microphone.
  • It features three play modes, so choose the mode that is convenient for you. If you see the 3-color LED lights at night, it will surely be a feast for your eyes. You can store it quite easily due to its foldability feature.
  • It provides an adjustable headband to guarantee a precise fit on every head size. Its soft and comfortable earpads will prevent any discomfort and will relieve any slightest pressure on your ear. The noteworthy thing about this cat ear headphone is that it also offers an FM radio option for the radio lovers
  • Charming design
  • 3-color LED lights
  • Reasonable price
  • Offers Radio mode
  • Lacks speakers
  • A little compromised call quality


In the final analysis, this wireless kid cat ear headphone is a wonderful headphone to spend money on.

Cat Ear Headphones Stereo

cat ear headphones stereo

The cat ear headphone stereo is another one of the best cat ear headphones with a mic. It also offers charming colors with good audio quality and convenient features.

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  • The cat ear headphone stereo is compatible with your mobile, tablet, laptop, or any other device via Bluetooth connection. You can also connect it through the supplied audio cable if the charging goes down while listening. Its volume control is easy and the mic is of superb quality.
  • With the ups and downs of music, its LED lights change color patterns which are alluring for the eyes. Its Bluetooth connection is stable enough to ensure better audio quality. With its foldability feature, you can carry it in your bag anywhere.
  • For radio enthusiasts, it offers FM radio mode. It guarantees comfortability with its ultra-soft and skin-friendly ear pads. Its adjustable headband allows a more perfect fit onto your head
  • FM radio mode
  • 3-color LED lights
  • Stable connection
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Lacks external speakers


Briefly speaking, the cat ear headphone stereo surely comes in the list of the best cat ear headphones with a mic due to its charming design, premium attributes, and wide compatibility. One will not regret buying these awesome cat ear headphones.

TCJJ Cat Ear Headphones

tcjj cat ear headphones

The TCJJ cat ear headphones are the awesome headphones of the TCJJ brand. It is usually designed for kids of age 3 years and onwards. It offers some amazing attributes to its users with glowing LED lighting.


  • The TCJJ cat ear headphone offers good compatibility. Depending on your convenience, you can connect it through Bluetooth or audio cable to your mobile phone, laptop, tablet, or PC. Its battery life is worth-appreciating. It just takes 2 hours to charge to be used for continuous 10 hours. That’s “Wow”.
  • The sound quality of these cat ear headphones is superb. It provides such a clear and low-pitched sound that will make you fall in love with the music you are listening to. You can use these headphones for various purposes like listening to music, audiobook, or online class. It also permits calling with its good quality microphone.
  • The headband is adjustable for perfect fitting and the ear pads are super-soft and comfy to prevent you from discomfort while listening.

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  • Glowing cat ears
  • Good battery life
  • Better sound quality
  • Wide compatibility
  • comfortable
  • limited warranty
  • no external speakers


The TCJJ cat ear headphone, no doubt, is the perfect option for kids and young girls. Its good features and reasonable price make it one of the best cat ear headphones with a mic.

Purple Cat Ear Headphone

purple cat ear headphone with mic

The Dogxiong brand has manufactured these super quality cat ear headphones which offer safe and pleasing audio quality to your ears.


  • The purple cat ear headphones are quite appealing to the eyes with their 3-color LED lighting. Being build from stainless steel, it guarantees long durability alongside praiseworthy features. the sound quality of these cat ear headphones is excellent.
  • Talking about its battery life, it’s just marvelous. It will last up to 13 hours of continuous listening and takes just 2 hours to charge. It also provides an audio cable, so you can still use it if the battery gets discharged.
  • With its foldability feature, you can take it in your bag wherever you go. Its adjustable headband and ear pads are highly comfortable for its users.
  • stylish LED lighting
  • durable
  • comfortable fit
  • user-friendly
  • good battery performance
  • Offers Radio mode
  • No external speakers


To summarize, the purple cat ear headphones have everything that is found in the good cat ear headphones with a mic.

Wireless Bluetooth Cat Ear Headphones

wireless bluetooth cat ear headphones with microphone

Wireless Bluetooth cat ear headphones are the magnificent headphones of the Luckyu brand, which have come with the spectacular 7-color LED lights.


  • These wonderful cat ear headphones can be connected to your devices through Bluetooth or audio cable quite conveniently and offer better and bass sound quality. You can use these headphones for listening to music or talking to your fellows via its super-quality mic.
  • Its headband is comfortable and easily adjustable like its comfy ear pads. Its battery takes a maximum of 3 hours to get fully charged.
  • The 7-color LED lighting is the most admired by its users. At night when you switch off the lights, it looks awesome.
  • Better sound quality
  • Broad compatibility
  • 7-color LED lights
  • No external speakers


In the short analysis, these wireless Bluetooth cat ear headphones steal the show with their charming LED lighting, excellent performance, the budget-friendly price at which they are available. Indeed, they are one of the best cat ear headphones with mic.

Cat Ear Headphones with Mic – Our Takeaway

Our sense of style, dressing, and the accessories we use bluntly speak about our personality. Getting something that exactly matches with our personality is a next-level feeling and to let you feel the same pleasant vibe, we’ve carefully studied and carefully reviewed some of the best cat eye headphones with mic available in the market. 

All the chosen products weigh right according to the definition of a reliable product and serve the value. Choose the one right off and cherish your moments like never before!