Ariana Grande Wireless Cat Ear Headphones Review Limited Edition with External Speaker

Ariana Grande cat ear headphones

When you think of Ariana Grande and her entire brand it instantly makes you think of her flashy and classy style that is also comfortable and cute. Whether it is her long ponytail or her love for cats, she has a unique sense of style and that is translated into the Ariana Grande cat ear headphones that we are about to discuss today.

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One of the best aspects of these headphones is that they are official Ariana Grande merchandise and so you will love these if you’re a fan! They are the iconic cat-eared variety that comes with quite a colorful and exciting design. They have LED cat ears that will light up and change with the beat of your music. The cat ears are more than just for show as they have external speakers built into them so that users can turn this product into a portable speaker.

They are a popular choice for streamers and gamers alike and the first thing that we notice about the Ariana Grande cat ear headphones is that they come with a ton of integrated features. We will dive into these with more detail in the product review portion of our article. While we do think that they are well worth the price if you want a decent quality product that has all the capabilities that a good set of wireless headphones should have, the cost is high.

Of course, to most fans, this cost will not mean much because it gives them a sense of connection with their favorite celebrity like never before! This is not a long-lasting product and if you are into intensive gaming, this might not be the best choice! Especially since they run out of juice in about 5 hours. If the speaker is activated, this runtime might be reduced even further. So at the end of the day, it depends on why you want to invest in this product.

Now, let’s take a look at the features of the Ariana Grande cat ear headphones in more detail:

  • External cat ear speakers
  • Chrome and white design
  • Debossed Ariana Grande signature
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity
  • Built-in microphone
  • Color-changing lights
  • USB recharging
  • 5 hours of runtime
  • Over-the-ear cushioning
  • Not meant for serious listeners
  • Not the best quality


As you can see above, the positive features of this device far outweigh the few negatives that the Ariana Grande cat ear headphones might have. To start with, let’s look over the drawbacks you might experience with this product. The first thing to note is that these are of course a pieces of celebrity merchandise and that means they are not meant to be heavy-duty headphones. So do not expect the best listening experience! That being said, the audio quality is not all bad as we will see further ahead.


The other drawback is that even though these headphones sell for 150 dollars, they do not have the construction quality to back this price up. The build isn’t the best because most of it is in fact plastic. That being said, let’s move onto some of the main positives of this product. This is certainly a product that looks good enough for Ariana Grande herself to use.

The style and design

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The styling is quite true to the artist’s style and that can be one of the main reasons users might want to splurge the big bucks on this! They are made with a white and chrome exterior that looks pretty nice. It is a collector’s item as well so all in all you do get a premium experience.

You will have the versatility to choose between a completely private listening experience and sharing your audio externally. This can be accomplished via the cat ears that are both exceptionally cute and convenient for use. Of course, what makes them worthwhile is the special signature by Ms. Grande herself on each headset.

The device comes with complete compatibility with wireless Bluetooth connectivity so that users may have the convenience and versatility to listen to their podcasts, music, and much more with ease. There is also a handy integrated mic so you can communicate with your fellow gamers, streamers or just make calls whenever you desire.

These Ariana Grande cat ear headphones have been designed for those who want to add some kawaii feels to their daily lives and with their color-changing lights, you can add even more glam to your persona. These lights are controlled independently and can turn blue, orange, green, lavender, pink, purple, and hot pink!

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These headphones have to be recharged using a USB cable and when they are fully charged, they will offer a runtime of about 5 hours. This isn’t amazing but since the USB can be attached just about anywhere we’re not too let down by this. One element that this product does very well is the cushioning. With any pair of headphones, for the most comfortable experience, you will want a product that has complete support and cushioning. However, the cushioning has other benefits as well since it helps reduce external noise and covers the entire ears.

In terms of the accessories that you will receive with this product, it contains a handy protective case for easy storage and even easier transport. For the price they come in at, we appreciate this element! Other than this there is also a 4-feet long 3.5 mm headphone cable and a USB recharging cable as well.


In the conclusion of our review of the Ariana Grande cat ear headphones, we find that this is the perfect product if you are a big fan of the singer. They are also great if you want a cute pair of cat ear headphones that can deliver in almost all regards! They might be lacking in a few elements but all in all, this is a good purchase.

Below is a review video to showcase the additional features.