All You Need to Know About Cat Ear Headphones – Buying Guide and FAQs

Blinking LED lighting, ear-like shape, extra external speakers, let’s talk about some insane (crazy) stuff- Cat Ear Headphones. 

Out of all headphones, cat ear headphones with microphones have the most unique style & features that what should you look for, why? Go through this detailed, simple, and expert guidance that covers all odds and evens of the cat ear headphones.

What are Cat Ear Headphones?

The Cat ear headphones are specially built headphones with an additional feature of cat ears above the head and some of these headphones have a built-in accent LED lighting. These headphones became a new trend with a crazy style that other boring headphones didn’t have. BTW the appearance is classy, stylish, and unique.

Talking about the Cat ear headphones sound, it has an additional external speaker and on-ear headphones with large drivers for extraordinary quality.

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How did it all started?

In 2014, an artist named Wenqing Yan got an idea and started the project on creating pet cat ear headphones, it was the time when the seed was growing.

After the design, Wenqing’s friend played a vital role by making the headphones a reality and announced them to the public.

What was the alternative name of Cat Ear Headphones?

It was first named Neko headphones ( Japanese name) meaning pet cat headphone but after that, it was given the cat ear headphone name for recognition all around the world. 

For whom these headphones are?

Whether you are a 65-Year-old woman/man or young girl, looking to have fun while listening to your favorite song regardless of your age it is for you.

Meanwhile, some of the Cat Ear headphones like Riwbox that are specially built for kids with auto volume control feature, embedded LED lights & many other pro features.

Arianna Grande and PewDiePie

Arianna Grande is a famous American singer and actress. The question here is why she launches her own headphones brand? She wants to create something creative and stylish that would fit perfectly with people all around the world. she loves cat ear headphones and used the idea of artist Wenqing Yan and start Designing it.

airana grande cat ear headphones

It didn’t end up here, she just teamed up with Brookstone and announced in 2016 for the pre-order of the Cat ear headphones. Despite it, the CEO of Brookstone said that:

“Arianna Grande is more than the tremendous talented singer and performer”

PewDiePie is a famous Youtuber, if you are a fan of him you saw him mostly wearing cat ear headphones as he loves them and it is taken as PewDiePie’s favorite headphones list.

How does it all start? What is different about them that they are so popular and used all around the world? What are they good for?

Why are Cat Ear Headphones So Popular?

The combination of blinking built-in accent LED lights and the sound quality most probably make it so popular that from old to young & young to kids all love these crazy headphones idea.

It didn’t stop here, the crazy style started a new trend among people. Anyone who is familiar with fashion accessories will easily recognize the trendy cat ear headphones.

Cat ear headphones are also popular among other musical enthusiasts, most notably musicians. The main reason why it has become such a craze is that it allows performers to hear their instruments without the interference of unwanted external noises, particularly when they are performing at live gigs or events.

What are Cat Ear Headphones Goods for?

Whether you are choosing stylish+attractive headphones for your kid or want to go crazy with your headphones, the first idea comes to mind: cat ear headphones but are they good for you what to see before buying?

The crazy attractive style, LEDs, and the most loved sound quality in that combo make it quite good, isn’t it?

Another good thing about it is that your near sitting friend can also hear the song with the help of external speakers.

List of Top 3 Best Cat Ear Headphones

8. Mindkoo Bluetooth Cat Ear Wireless Headphones

Mindkoo Bluetooth Cat ear Headphones – LED lighting and available in & LED colors

9. Barsone Wired Foldable On Ear Headsets With Led Glowing Light Black

Barsone Cat ear headphones – available in 3 different colors

3. Iclever Safe Wired Kids Headsets Pink

iClever Boostcare Cat ear Headphones – available in 5 different colors

Easy Peasy Buying Guide

Cat ear headphones are more than the way to listen to music, it provides heads up of functions with an extra speaker. It is what a music lover needs.

The first thing that you should do is make sure that you take the time to look at the different options that you have. While they all do pretty much the same thing, the quality and durability vary. In some cases, they might be similar in price but they may not be nearly as durable. 

What to Consider Before Buying Cat Ear Headphones?

There are the following aspects to take into consideration before buying the headphones including:

  • Design: Must be Excellent and attractive 
  • Quality: Have to be good 
  • Color: try to have your best color
  • Battery Life: Depends on your usage but the average battery life should be 10 hours that can last your whole day.
  • Wireless connectivity: Should offer a wide range of connections with 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Price: The important factor- make sure you get the best under an affordable price range.

Flexible Connectivity between Wired and Wireless

Talking about Flexible connectivity means without any interception or lack, according to gurus the wired is quite good because the flow of sound in wired one is more smooth than wireless but it didn’t say that wireless connection is worse No!

 But Don’t worry, 

It comes in both options (Wired or Wireless) you can choose according to your choice + Lifestyle but for gaming purposes, you should go for the wired headphones.

Wired Connection is smooth but might be frustrating due to the limited movement as you have to stay attached to your phone with finite movement. Read here 8 Best Wired Cat Ear Headphones.


Wireless Connection gives you freedom along with a powerful connection for better sound quality, you can walk away from your phone, Mean you can go to Kitchen, etc. 

3.5mm cable connection compatibility

In wireless headphones, you have the freedom to move around wherever you want without any restrictions. For those who like listening to music while they are traveling, Cat ear wireless headphones provide a good solution.

Color Changing LED lights

The LED lights are the beauty of the headphones, literally make them more attractive and if you love to make your life a little more fancy than the other boring headphones then go for it. These cat ear headphones with LED lights will surely add spice to your gaming space and the mood of your kids.

Kids Protection by Volume Limiting Feature:

cat ear headphones for kids and teen girls 1

If you are choosing these headphones for your kids then don’t worry about the loudness. There is a volume control button that will help to control it according to the song, just like the brightness control feature in mobiles. 

Best for Gaming Experience

The big on-ear earmuffs cover the ears completely and many of the headphones come with a special detachable microphone especially for the best gaming experience, whether you play PUBG or GTA5 the quality will be awesome as recommended by famous singers & Youtubers.

Built-in Microphone

Talking about the microphone, most of the Cat ear headphones come with a detachable microphone for gaming or other purposes that delivers a smooth and clear voice to others. It is sensitive and in detachable microphone headsets, there is no button to mute you just have to pull it off. Find here a complete list of cat ear headphones with a microphone.

Multiple Color Options

damikan cat ear bluetooth over ear headphones review bluetooth 1

Well, it comes in multiple colors mean black, White and so on but it depends on you which you like most, so go for it, and for your kids, there are colors like pink, green & so on.

Battery Life

One other feature that may set your pair apart from others on the market is the battery life of the unit. Many noise-reducing headphones are designed with long battery life to help you enjoy your music or movies for hours without any break.

The battery life of wireless Cat ear headphones usually depends upon the usage. If you want to use LED lighting, of course, it will use/drain the battery faster as compared to when using without them. While LED off mode will provide a longer battery time, just like the car battery (if you turn the lights on it will drain the battery).

BTW the average battery life of Cat ear headphones are 10 hours with LED lights mode off that is perfect for a whole day with 2-3 hour of charge, but with light mode on it will give 6-8 hour average battery life.

External Speaker

brookstone axent wear cat ear headphones review 1

It is the beauty of the headphones that gives uniqueness to the headphones. If you are listening to music and your friend (sitting near to you) wants to listen to it too, no problem just press the (special) button to turn on the external speakers and he/she will also listen, that is the second good thing about it. isn’t it? The Brookstone Axent Wear cat ear headphones come with external speakers.

Active Noise Cancellation

The active noise cancellation in cat ear headphones is not bad and not excellent but is good. You can smoothly talk with your GF in a soft environment but in a loud (busy) environment sometimes it may lack so “be careful” before you get caught.

So if you want to check the ANC then the aspect to consider when looking for a pair of noise-canceling headphones is the superior quality of the built-in ear pads.

Detachable Kitty Ears

Cute Pink Cat Ears attachments are an adorable addition to spice up the look of your casual headphones. These cat ears come in multiple eye-catching colors and flexible materials.

Noise isolation:

The noise isolation earmuffs will protect your hearing while you listen to your favorite music. The earmuffs feature a soft breathable cover that is hypoallergenic. They are also capable of preventing the sound from getting too loud.


One reason these headphones are so popular is because of the durable construction of the headband and ear pads. The leather foam used in the headband and ear pads are designed to be flexible and soft so they will mold perfectly to your head. Therefore, you will not need to constantly replace your headband or the ear pads.


aresrora foldable kawaii cat ear headphones for kids

Excluding the external speakers, it may seem like simple headphones like others. Mostly Cat ear headphones contain a thick headband with round ear cups with leather-type soft padding that covers all the way to the head comfortably. Most of the headphones are made up of plastic that feels good without any cheap feeling. The foldable design makes these headphones super portable and easy to carry in your bag.

Sound Quality

Finally, it is important to remember that while the best cat ear headphones will be truly comfortable to wear, they will also offer the clearest sound. 

The Sound quality may vary differently in every headphone as some headphones are specially built to be used for their heavy bass and some for the quality of sound, So it also depends on your choice.

Pairing Instructions

Well, the pairing instructions of Cat Ear Headphones are quite the same as other headphones, as you only have to turn on the Bluetooth mode and after that connect it to your phone & you are ready to go to enjoy your music. Go through this article for a complete tutorial to connect your cat ear headphones to any Bluetooth device.

What you need to know about Cat Ear Headphones before buying?

  • What material is used
  • LED lighting
  • Design 
  • Quality 

And so on.

How do we choose the best Cat Ear Headphone?

After a great dive into the market and analyzing each product we come across to choose and give the top 10 best Cat Ear Headphones.

How Do Cat Ear Headphones Look Different?

These look different from others, usually due to the cat-ear-like shape on the top of the headband that makes the headphones unique from others.

Why Ariana Grande uses Cat ear Headphones?

Arinna loves to look different and try new gadgets that are the reason she loves it using cat ear headphones.

A lot of performers, especially celebrities, often use headphones in order to protect their ears during performances. They may also use headphones during the off-stage hours to avoid interfering with their normal lives.

Are Brookstone headphones good?

Let’s see the customer review who has purchased it

Cpate 212 found these headphones great at the price point

…..I bought these at a Brookstone store at the airport right before a coast-to-coast nonstop flight. They work fantastic for noise cancelation on a flight. The sound quality is very good with crisp highs and rich bass. They’re quite comfortable having worn them for the better part of a 5-hour flight with no issues. The build quality is food, especially at this price point…..

Before leaving, let’s check

Frequently Ask Questions:

What is the original Cat Ear Headphones?

Cat Ear Headphones were invented in 2014 by the company, Brookstone, with the help of a digital artist named Wenqing Yan. The original Cat Ear headphones are made in less quantity these days. The original Cat Ear headphones have a lot of unique features that are still used in other models like, Yowu cat ear headphones or Edifier HECATE G2 II.

Are Brookstone Cat Ear Headphones good?

Well yes, they are good and are a bit different from the original Cat ear headphones in features + functions but might be expensive.

Which are Ariana Cat Ear headphones?

The famous headphone of Arianna named Brookstone Limited Edition Ariana Grande Wireless Cat Ear Headphones with External Speaker, Bluetooth Microphone, and Color Changing Accents

What are the best Cat Ear Headphones that I can buy?

  1. Yowu Version UP 3G Cat Ear Headphones are a great choice for gamers with glowing ears.
  2. Censi Music Creative Cat Ear Headset is also a perfect multipurpose gadget that you will surely fall in love with.
  3. Riwbox CT-7S Cat Ear Bluetooth Headphones are considered the overall best headphones with the best features + functions that are what you are looking for.
  4. iClever Kids Cat Ear Headphones are best for kids’ online classes and meetings. 

Why people buy or recommend these headphones?

One of the main reasons why people buy these headphones is because they look really stylish. In fact, they look even more stylish when compared to ordinary wired headphones.

What Cat ear Headphones Does PewDiePie Use?

According to the sound boosted PewDIePie uses: Razer Kraken Kitty Gaming Headphone

Are these headphones good for kids?

Cat ear headphones come in many different styles. You can choose from clip-on style, those that attach to your ears, and those that go over the top. There are also Bluetooth types that allow you to hear through your device. No matter what you want, there is a style that will work for your kids.

Another benefit of using this type of headphones for kids is safety. Your kid cannot accidentally pull the cord of the headphones on their ears as they are different from the traditional headphones.

What do people think about these headphones?

Customer Reviews:

Newee32 Loves the color-changing process

“Bought these for my daughter’s 11th birthday. They were the only thing that she asked for. I read mixed reviews for Brookstone, so I was a little worried about the quality. Received them on time and they are above and beyond what we expected. They change cool colors and the ears are speakers! Wireless or wired option and carrying/storage case that is very durable”

Meanwhile, Holly doll find it best too

“I finally bought myself one of these cool beauties!! I have to say it is very cool! I’m still getting the hang of how to work it but I’m still very happy. So far nothing wrong with my headphones”


BTW before getting it closed, genuinely I love the style, the lighting, the external speakers, it is more than what exactly a headphone contains. 

If you are looking for something different (crazy stuff) bigger, absolutely it is Cat ear headphones, it is comfortable to wear, others can also hear the song help like little toy speakers without any decrease in the sound quality with premium ear muffs, with all these functions definitely it is best.