AirPods Case Not Charging? 7 EASY & Quick SOLUTIONS [2022]

AirPods are one of the best quality and most common audio gadgets these days.

However, one common glitch with AirPods is that its case doesn’t charge at times and in this article, we are going to learn about some ways to fix the issue.

So, How to fix AirPods Case Not Charging issue?

The best way to fix AirPods Case Not Charging issue is by disconnecting the power source, closing the lid, and then reconnecting the power cable. If this doesn’t work, then you can fix the issue by resetting the Apple AirPods charging case.


Some other easy ways to fix your AirPods case if it isn’t charging are:

  • Checking the power source
  • Cleaning the AirPods case thoroughly
  • Replacing the AirPods case
  • Changing the charging port
  • Updating the software or firmware
  • Changing the charging cable
  • Unpair and then Re-pair the AirPods with your phone

These are some of the most common fixes that you can try to fix the Apple AirPods case. Usually trying one of these troubleshooting methods will definitely fix your problem. However, if none of the fixes help in solving the problem then we suggest you go to an authorized Apple service center and get the AirPods case checked. 

You may also decide to replace or change the charging case should you want to. Let us now elaborate on some of these fixes in detail for your better understanding. Also, in case you dropped airpod in water and they are not working – you can try out guide and fix them!

How to clean Apple AirPods case?

If you notice that your Airpods charging case is not clean and is full of debris, lint, dust, and rust, then use a toothpick or a microfiber cloth to clean the case. You may also use a cotton swab and smoothly and slowly clean the dirt.

clean airpods charging case
Clean AirPods Charging Case

Be very careful while cleaning the case and if you try to push the cloth inside, then you might end up damaging the structure. In any case, do not use a wet cloth to clean your charging case as it may lead to a short circuit and even damage your Airpods case. 

How to update AirPods Firmware

To update AirPods Firmware, you need to go into the Settings on the iPhone and then look for any recent software updates. If you see an update, then you will need to install it. Here are the steps to update the firmware.

update airpods firmware


In order to update AirPods Firmware:

  • Place the Apple AirPods inside their case and connect the case to the power outlet or use a charging pad
  • Now keep the iPhone that needs to be paired, next to the charging case
  • Ensure that your phone is connected to the internet
  • Once both the devices are close to each other, Apple will automatically start scanning for any new updates that is available for the Airpods and start updating it
  • Once the update is completed, go to the Settings menu
  • Navigate to the General settings and tap on About option
  • Now go to Airpods option settings to check the firmware version that is currently installed

You will notice that the AirPods are now updated. In most cases, by updating the Airpods firmware you can actually fix the issue of the Airpods case not charging.

Apple keeps coming up with new updates for all their products including the Airpods and it is always good to keep the Airpods updated to avoid any unwanted glitches. 

How to reset AirPods case?

If the Airpods case is not charging then one of the reasons for it could be that the case needs a reset and that the operating system needs to be cleared.

To reset AirPods charging case:

  • Put the AirPods inside the charging case
  • Now press and hold the button located at the back of the charging case until the light starts flashing amber and then turns white
  • Leave the button once the light flashes white

Your Apple AirPods have now been reset and your case should start charging again.

How to Unpair and then Re-pair Apple Airpods to an iPhone?

To unpair and re-pair your AirPods to your phone once again

  • Go to your phones Settings menu
  • Now click on the Bluetooth menu
  • Here click on the AirPods name that appears on your screen and click on forget the device
unpair airpods
Unpair AirPods

The Apple AirPods are now disconnected from your phone. Now to pair your Airpods to your phone, follow the steps below.

  • Navigate to the Settings menu on the phone 
  • Find the Bluetooth option and turn it on
  • Now place the Airpods inside the charging case and keep their case lid open
  • Now keep pressing on to the button which is at the back of the charging case until the white light starts flashing
  • On your phone screen, you will see an animation showing the Airpods case lid opening
  • Click on the connect option which appears under the animation

Usually when the AirPods charging case doesn’t charge even after trying various methods, then one of the ways that you can try is by unpairing the AirPods from your phone and then repairing them to your phone again. In most cases, this solves the problem of charging.

Why your AirPods case is not charging

Some of the reasons why your AirPods case isn’t charging include:

  • Power cable is not connected properly – while connecting your AirPods case to the USB cable ensure that the cable is connected properly into the power outlet and the case. If any of the ends are loosely connected, your Airpods case may not charge properly
  • Power outlet is defective– In most cases the power source could be defective and may be causing problems. Every power outlet has a time period after which they will not charge properly and may need to be replaced
  • Wireless charging pad is defective– if you are using a charging pad to charge your Airpods, then ensure that the charging pad is not defective as in most cases the copper coils which are found inside a wireless charger may stop working after a certain amount of time
  • Formation of rust– the charging ports needs to be free of dust and debris and it is important for you to keep cleaning the ports. In most cases people have noticed rust and dust forming inside the charging case which might give you all the trouble
  • Using a third-party charging cable – We recommend you to use an Apple charging cable to charge your Airpods case because using a third-party charging cable can lead to charging issues with the AirPod case. If the 3rd party charger is of sub-standard quality, then it might not be a good idea to use them


We hope you enjoyed reading the article today and found it useful. So the next time when you try charging your Airpods and notice that your AirPods case isn’t charging do remember to go through this article and follow all the easy fixes given here. The Apple AirPods charging case should definitely start working with one of the fixes mentioned here.