10 Best Cat Ear Headphones For Kids And Adults in 2021

Manufacturers always try to capture the attention of crowed to proceed with their business successfully. The human eye not only wants to fulfill needs but also it is attracted to the presentation and beauty. Through a lot of social media, we already knew the importance of headphones and how excessively brands are producing them. There is a lot of competition between the manufacturers of headphones.

The question is, if everyone is providing essential headphones’ basic features according to the wallet of an ordinary person, how will they catch the eye of customers to be at the top of the business? So along with features, brands racked their brains with the design of headphones to attract different people.

The purpose of writing this article is to tell you some about Cat ear headphones and detailed reviews of the ten best Cat ear headphones available in 2021.

Top 10 Cat Ear Headphones in 2021:

Before the detailed discussion have a quick look at the products and their features:

This was just a brief description of cat ear headsets for those who want to take a quick decision just by looking at general features. Detailed features for modern and cute looking earphones are down there. Sit comfortably and give some time to compare all the pros and cons of best-listed earphones and then spend your money carefully.

1. Riwbox CT-7S Cat Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones For Kids (Purple&Green)

1 Riwbox Ct 7s Cat Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones For Kids Purplegreen

These cat earphones are for little ones who are very fond of laptops and smartphones in this fast age. These headphones are equipped with colorful LEDs and attractive colors.

Riwbox CT-7S are very eye catchy headphones and gives an appearance like cute kittens to the kids. It’s evident that kids want to look more appealing, but on the other hand, parents’ concern is the product’s features. So these headphones satisfy both parents and kids by ensuring good quality along with presentable design.

The lightning theme of red, green, and blue lights light up kids’ spirit and give them an enjoyable environment. Talking about the features, it has a 5.0 version of Bluetooth that makes stable connectivity with smart gadgets. Sound quality is also satisfactory. As some kids are more lively and like to barge, most parents need durable headphones, so  Riwbox CT-7S satisfies parents’ demand by providing solid material.

These headphones are foldable, so they can occupy less space and can be prevented from any damage. Kitten ears with Glowing LEDs bring happy feelings to our kids, and kids’ happiness makes parents joyous. For a further detailed description click here.

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  • Built-in volume-limiting technology.
  • Comfortable earmuffs are there.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 version.
  • Body material needs extra care to prevent any damage or breakage.

2. FosPower Kids Headphones with LED Light – Teal/Light Purple

2. Fospower Kids Headphones With Led Light – Teallight Purple

Light purple-colored kitten ear headphones provide a comfortable listening to the delicate ears of kids. They deliver a safe range of volume to children and give them a fun environment with LED lights blinking. Kids can enjoy colorful lights with music. Earpads of the product are cushioned with soft cushions to provide extra comfort to the ears.

These headphones are laced wired, which remain tangle-free and easy for kids. Body material is long-lasting and flexible, so there are no worries about their breakage very quickly. Parents can entrust these headphones and can gift them to their kids with ease. Cost is very affordable; these affordable headphones indeed keep your wallet safe. It will bring a smile to the faces of your lovable kids. The detailed description is given here.

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  • Volume limiting technology to protect kid’s hearing.
  • Super soft and comfortable.
  • Glowing LEDs are in cat ears.
  • For naughty kids, these are suitable.

3. iClever Safe Wired Kids Cat Ear Headsets, Pink

3. Iclever Safe Wired Kids Headsets Pink

iClever cat ear headphones can be the favorite of the little princess due to their color. This headset makes your princess glow in the diamond sky. These beautiful cat ear headphones are available in 2021 for kids.

LED lights make them more attractive and bring joy to the kids. With amazing looks, iCever headsets have kids’ safe volume-limiting technology to prevent their ears’ discomfort. As the safety of the ears is the most concerning thing, we should be cautious about this. Its material is flexible and safe for kids; even wire is also soft and keeps kids free from any hassle.

Adjustable headband is designed so that it can be used for kids ages from three to onwards. Adorable pink-colored cat ear headphones can be the best gift for your kids as they are safe and good in quality. Price is also meager that makes them more approachable. To know more about this product click here.

Click here to read detailed review of this product.

  • Sound quality is good, with volume limiting technology.
  • Quite comfortable to wear.
  • Noise-canceling is not suitable due to small earcups.

4. SOMIC G951pink Gaming Cat Ear Headset for Girlfriend/Women

4. Somic G951pink Gaming Headset For Girlfriend Women

SOMIC G951 can be a thoughtful and adorable gift to your pretty wife or girlfriend. It is suitable for gaming as it provides strong vibration. It produces a more realistic gaming sound that develops a perfect environment to play games on your pc or laptop.

The comfortable and soft material will not make you uncomfortable one can play games wearing it regardless of time. It also has passive noise-reduction through the large size earmuffs. Noise reduction and LED light on the earcups made a healthy gaming environment for your girl. Its cat ears are detachable.

If someone wants to use it without the cat ears, he can remove them or someone who wants to have a cool look can attach them. It comes with high-quality speakers and allows you to control its operation very conveniently. It has an excellent sound system with lovely design. It can be a new year gift for your game-loving girl at a very reasonable price. For a detailed description click here.

Click here to read detailed review of this product.

  • The headset fit children or adult because the headband will self-adjustable.
  • The sound quality is clear and crisp high.
  • The fit of the earmuffs over the ear isn’t spectacular. It’s a bit annoying.

5. Luckyu Kids Bluetooth Foldable On-Ear Stereo Wireless Cat Ear Headset (Blue)

5. Kids Bluetooth Foldable On Ear Stereo Wireless Headset Blue

This adorable cat ear headphone is designed for kids. It is a wireless on-ear headset equipped with an advanced version of a Bluetooth connection. Its Bluetooth connectivity is responsible for its quick pairing with a phone or laptop.

The sound quality produced by it is fantastic and very satisfactory. Its volume is limiting to provide safety to the kid’s ears as their ears are delicate and fragile. All the functional features are according to the parent’s needs to make their children happy. If we talk about its appearance, cat ears are decorated with LED light to compete with music’s rhythm.

Kids enjoy the music or games with the glow of Glowing LEDs. Different colors are available for these beautiful cat ear headphones. It is a foldable headset, so it’s easy to pack it in your suitcase as it will not occupy much space. It is comfortable to wear and easy to carry with you during traveling. In 2021 availability of such fantastic cat earphones at a highly affordable price is a very pleasing thing. For more description click here.

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  • The battery life is impressive.
  • The headphones are beautiful and of astounding quality.
  • No flaws are noted yet.

6. Kids Headphones Cat Ear On-Ear Headphones (Peach)

6. Kids Headphones Cat Ear On Ear Headphones Peach

Ifecco manufactures safe volume-limited headphones to protect hearing sense; Led shines cat ears to make them more attractive. All age groups can use them with convenience. Their volume-limiting technology gives safety to the delicate eardrums of your kids. Earpads situated in the headphones are soft and comfortable, which helps in releasing pressure.

These headphones can be effortlessly folded when you need to pack them in your suitcase for traveling. They occupy less space in your backpack. Light-weighted and soft cushioned headphones are also no heavy on the pocket. It may be a good choice to present as gift to your partner or your children. One can have fun through these cat ears headphones while listening to his favorite soundtracks.

Read here detailed review of this product for kids.

  • Sound quality is satisfying without hurting the hearing of kids.
  • Adjustable headset.
  • No built-in microphone.

7. Esonstyle Safe Wired Kids Cat Ear Headsets (black+pink)

7. Esonstyle Safe Wired Kids Headsets Blackpink

Esonstyle are over-ear cat headphones mostly suitable for kids. Comfortable to wear and provide comfort to the ears of children. These headphones will not create any pressure on the ears. Parents can remain at peace while their little ones are using these headphones. Kids who are fond of playing games on computers or laptops can use Esnostyle cat earphones to enjoy the game’s sound. They also provide and fun environment due to led lights in the cat eras.

The plus point is you can control the LED lights’ blinking as if you don’t want lights; you can turn them off. Built-in limited volume technology is preset in headphones that can not harm the kids’ hearing. Supper convenient to adjust at the head of the kids, and if you are not using them, you can fold them and place them tidily because these will not occupy any space.

  • Excellent Sound Heavy Bass headphone.
  • It folds inward and flat to store in a small space.
  • The body material of these headphones needs extra care.

8. MindKoo Bluetooth Cat Ear Wireless Headphones

8. Mindkoo Bluetooth Cat Ear Wireless Headphones

Cute cat ears with glowing led Minkoo headphones are one the cutest headphones. Boys and girls both are attracted to these kitty Bluetooth earphones. A built-in microphone is there in these over-ear headphones.

Mindkoo headphones are not unique looks, but it has lovely features. No tangling of the wire during listening to music because they are wireless. Quick and rapid pair up with a phone, laptop, or computer can be ensured by advanced Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth allows for stable and smooth streaming of music.

The volume control system protects hearing and the eardrum for the ears. Wear them with ease without looking towards the tickling of time. Battery life is long enough to accompany you for long sessions of music or gaming. Comfortable and long battery life makes them alive for a lengthy time. Youngsters who want to look cool during their parties can trust them and buy them without any hesitation. Read here a detailed review of Mindkoon Cat Ear Headphones.

  • This headphone volume is limited to 105dB, which is safer for the daily listening experience.
  • They are firm and sturdy and do not feel like they would break easily.
  • Its mic only functions in Bluetooth mode.

9. Barsone Wired Foldable On-Ear Headsets with LED Glowing Light (Black)

9. Barsone Wired Foldable On Ear Headsets With Led Glowing Light Black

Barsone brand produces Cat ear headphones for kids’ age from 3 to teenagers. Environment-friendly design of Barsone headphones protect our kids from any tiring of neck and ears. Soft earmuffs give a comfy feeling when kids are listening to music or while they are playing games. These On-ear headphones strike a stylish look with shining light in the kitten ears. Along with a modern and attractive look, these are safe to use for the little ones because they have built-in volume-limiting technology to control the sound to 85 decibels. All the material used in building their body is skin-friendly and durable for long-term use. Super easy to carry them during your travels due to its flexible material and foldable design that can easily adjust in your suitcase without getting any damage. Anyone can purchase without any worries because its design is excellent with unique features. it is one of the best cat earphones available in 2021.

  • Comfortable, and they adjust to fit your head pretty well.
  • The sound quality is excellent.
  • Material is firm and stable.
  • These headphones don’t any flaws yet.

10. GBD Wireless Cat Ear Kids Headphones (Pink)

10. Gbd Wireless Cat Ear Kids Headphones Pink

Double mode headphones i.e wired and wireless. The brand produced these cute kitten ears headphones for school and college-going teenagers. Teenagers can feel more energetic and lively by wearing these adorable headphones. Changeable led lights on the cat ears make them more attractive. On the other side features possessed by these headphones are assume.

Kids can listen to music without hurting their ear-drums due to volume limiting technology. A headset is adjustable so these can be easily worn by teens and adults. Foldability prevents any damage and occupies less space.

  • The material quality high class.
  • The sound quality is very good.
  • The ear cups fold down to make it more space-saving.
  • No cons noted yet.

What are CAT EAR headphones?

Cat earphones are nothing but just modified and cute designs of headphones. It has nothing to do with the features in them. But still, we’ll not ignore the features of headphones here while discussing the looks of the product. Brands launch this design to make their headphones look more beautiful and stylish while wearing.

From where the seed of CAT EAR headphones comes?

The idea of Cat ear headphones comes from an Animated movie released in 2014, where a character used the cat ear headset. Since 2014 working on Cat ear headphones started, and then brands finally launched them for masses officially in a couple of years.

Cat ear headphones are also known as Neko headphones or kitty ear headphones. People close to the Japanese language call them Neko headphones because Neko means cat in the Japanese language; other people call them kitten earphones.

No doubt kitten earphones give a cool and cute look that makes them popular among headphone users, especially lively young people. Let’s have a detailed review of the top ten kitten ears headphones. Be sure to go through these reviews to purchase the best product.

Buyer’s Guide For Cat Ear Headphones in 2021

As with the new year, people demands more refined features in headphones and they also wants to have safe to use earphones. So, here we are trying to give you hand in selecting the best kitten headphones which look fantastic and have good features. Though the best cat ears headphones for anyone totally depend on his needs still we evaluate a few features which you should consider before buying them in 2021.


The cat ear headphones are more popular among teenagers and kids so we should concern about their hearing protection. Kids are mostly careless about controlling volume by themselves so we need volume-limiting technology in the headphones that can limit the volume of the music so it cannot hurt the eardrums of the ears. Safety is more important these days so we should be careful about it.

Compatibility with other devices:

Either you select wired cat ear headphones or wireless you need to connect them with your phone, computer, and laptop. For better result, while playing games or listening to music its better to look for those which can smoothly be connected with your devices and stream stably.

Environment-Friendly material:

Kids have sensitive skin so it’s necessary to choose those headphones that are made up of the environment and skin-friendly material. It is to avoid any skin irritation when kids are going to use them for a long time. Cat ear headphones are the favorite of kids so we need to be extra careful about their material.


Body material and design of cat ear headphones must be long-lasting and solid because children cannot handle them like adults. Kids have vigorous movements and they use them carelessly. So to avoid any breakage headphones must be made up of strong material and the design should support it.


Which are the best cat ears headsets?

It all depends on what criteria you are looking for. If gaming is your passion, you should go for those that are specially desigen for gaming and have features for it. so it all depends on your preference. Read here the article where we listed the best cat ear headphones.

Are cat ear headphones durable?

Of course, cat ear headphones from good manufacturers are long-lasting and durable. So you can purchase without any worries.

Are noise-canceling cat ears headphones any good?

It all depends on the brand and whether they have active or passive noise-canceling. many are Brands offering noise-canceling headphones so now it’s easy to find them.

Are cat ear headphones better than conventional headphones?

It all depends on your choice. If you prefer looks and wanna look cute you can go for cat ear headphones. Features are not compromised in it if they are of good quality.


Whether you are choosing headphones for your kids or for your wife you need to go through all the qualities of the headphones. Especially if you are getting headphones for kids you need to be extra careful because kids are delicate and sometimes naughty. So here is an opportunity for you to make your decision by reviewing all the goods and bads of the top ten cat ear headphones produce by the best brands in 2021.